10 Tricks To Get Celebrity Skin

Number One Skin beauty expert Georgia Davis gives us tricks to celebrity skin while Seduire London beauty guru Pamela Kennedy shows us how to prep our skin for the winter

Georgia says:

  1. Use a moisturiser containing sun protection: moisturising is extremely important to help keep your skin looking fresh. Using a moisturiser containing sun protection is vital to prevent the skin from the ageing affects of UV rays. We recommend the Medik8 range: available with advice from our clinic

  2. Drink lots of water: the one thing that keeps your skin looking wonderful more than anything else is hydration. Drinking lots of water is extremely important. Coconut water is also great as it contains Lauric Acid this is an antibacterial to prevent inflammation or acne. Coconut water also contains Cytokines to promote new cell growth and repair. We love VitaCoco

  3. Eat a health diet: Fresh fruits and vegetables contain the vitamins and minerals your skin needs to keep healthy. Fish contains fatty acids such as Omega 3 which fortified your cell membranes keeping them strong and looking great.

  4. Remove makeup: Always use a good cleanser and fully remove your makeup to keep it looking great. Makeup left on the skin will cause ageing. Always use a good cleanser containing AHA / BHA to exfoliate the skin gentle twice a day. Also make up on the skin will cause blackheads, spots congestion before ageing. Good cleansing routine is the start to perfect bright radiant skin. its not only make up your removing but pollution, especially if you live and work in a city

Emily Ratajkowski is also known for her flawless skin

  1. Consider skin treatments: Two celeb secret treatments are A-Lift and Dermatude. A-Lift is a revolutionary treatment that uses nano-currents to boost your skins cell quality. Dermatude uses controlled micro-needling to boost collagen from beneath the skin. They are both available at Number One Skin (

And as we pack away our summer wardrobe and the colder months draw near, Seduire London’s Pamela Kennedy says it’s time to pack away your summer skincare routine.

Pamela says:

  1. Switch your foaming cleanser for a creamier, more hydrating cleanser tailored to your skin type (most reputable beauty clinics will provide a free skin consultation) that won't strip the skin but will help hydrate during the winter months.

  2. Exfoliate at 1-3 times a week depending on your skin type. Central heating and harsh climates play havoc on the skin. Exfoliating will help eliminate dry, dead skin cells allowing more moisture to be absorbed from your skincare products.

Seduire London's Pamela Kennedy advises exfoliating up to three times a week

  1. A non-clogging, oil based moisturiser is perfect to add extra moisture to the skin in cold temperatures.

  2. Add a rich antioxidant night cream to your routine. This will help repair the skin at night while you dream of sweet nothings.

  3. SPF, SPF, SPF! Yes, the skies may look dark and grey but don't be fooled as around 80% of the suns rays can penetrate through clouds. Give your skin that barrier it needs from the environment and harmful rays!

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