29 Cheap Halloween Costumes you can make at home


29 Cheap Halloween Costumes you can make at home

Forgotten to buy a Halloween costume? Never fear. Here are 29 easy (but genius!) DIY costumes you can make at the very last minute…

Supergirl in disguise

Is it bird? Is it a plane? No, it's... ah, you get the picture.

  • Difficulty rating: Ridiculously easy
  • Cost: Cheap - bag that Superman top from primark and you're onto a winner.
  • Cool points: All of them, ever. This is gorgeous.

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  • Difficulty rating: Not much. As long as your home is full of cotton wool and old beads.
  • Cost: Cheap (see above)
  • Cool points: Brain/rain - see what we did there? It's the choice for pun-lovers

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Where’s Wally


  • Difficulty rating: Hardly at all - it's all about accessorising. In red and white only. Anyone can do that, right?
  • Cost: You probably already own the top required, but if not you could just get yo' butt down to your local Primark for a cheap one.
  • Cool points: Well, you'll blend into the crowd, but not TOO much - as Where's Wally books have proven time and time again.

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M&Ms Fun

Amazing group costume idea? We think so.

  • Difficulty rating: A child could do it.
  • Cost: Mega cheap.
  • Cool points: You definitely get a handful for nostalgia.

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Regina George

Mean Girls fans will definitely be fans of this one…

  • Difficulty rating: If you can use scissors, you can do this. WE BELIEVE IN YOU!
  • Cost: You probably have everything you need in your wardrobe.
  • Cool points: Erm, hello? It's REGINA GEORGE! Your hair will be full of secrets.

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Oh Deer

Whether you're Bambi or an unfortunate deer-in-the-headlights, this is one you can recycle again at Christmastime.

  • Difficulty rating: The trickiest bit is the antlers - unless you buy them ready-made.
  • Cost: Not too bad - unless you don't own a furry gilet. Which would be unfortunate…
  • Cool points: You're more cute than cool, but that's not a bad thing.

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What's new pussy-cat?

  • Difficulty rating: As difficult as you want it to be - you can draw on a few whiskers or go super-sultry cat, like this lady did.
  • Cost: Cheap - you just need black clothes (you own them, trust us), material to make a tail and ears. Which you can buy, if you're so inclined.
  • Cool points: You'll be feline fierce in this one!

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The Ipod

Hey look, for a long time it was Apple's hottest musical accessory.

  • Difficulty rating: None - it's just some cutting and sticking.
  • Cost: Almost nothing, if you already own a tube dress. Which we bet you do.
  • Cool points: You're an iPod. What do you think?

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Skeleton Crew

Bones are always spooky. Fact.

  • Difficulty rating: Probably quite - you'll need a steady hand and some skill with the scissors. Also some basic knowledge of human anatomy.
  • Cost: Nada. Just an old t-shirt.
  • Cool points: Pretty cool - skeletons are cool, right?

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Stretchy smile

This is genuinely terrifying.

  • Difficulty rating: It'll take a little time and effort to get the full effect, but it should be no problem to a makeup queen.
  • Cost: If you own makeup, you should be fine.
  • Cool points: Erm, how about ALL OF THEM?!

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It's called a SCARE-crow, isn't it?

  • Difficulty rating: Unless you're afraid of straw, not difficult at all. If you are, time to move on to the next idea…
  • Cost: You should have everything you need at home, minus the straw, but, if not, get thee to a Primark.
  • Cool points: We guess it depends on your opinions on farmer chic…

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Bank robber

Burglar, robber, thief - call it what you will, it's a classic.

  • Difficulty rating: Super low - although drawing dollar signs can be tough.
  • Cost: We bet you already have everything you need in your wardrobe.
  • Cool points: You'll definitely have swag (see what we did?)

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Mary Poppins

Supercalifragilisticepsialidocious stuff.

  • Difficulty rating: It could be tough to source all the pieces of this costume, we shan't lie.
  • Cost: Probably the most expensive on this list.
  • Cool points: Practically perfect in every way.

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Energiser Bunny

In a word? Fabulous.

  • Difficulty rating: Mostly simple, apart from the little drum. Good luck crafting that from an old butter tub!
  • Cost: Super cheap - who doesn't have pink clothes?
  • Cool points: Bunnies are more hot than cool - just ask Bridget Jones!

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If it's good enough for Angelina, it's good enough for us.

  • Difficulty rating: Fiddly, but not taxing.
  • Cost: Cheap enough - you'll always need toilet roll and tin foil, after all. And you just need to team it with a black dress!
  • Cool points: Did we mention Angelina already? Exactly.

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The Little Mermaid

Ariel, as a hipster. Inspired.

  • Difficulty rating: Not tough - just follow the colour scheme!
  • Cost: Could be a little costly - especially if you need to buy the wig, the clothes AND Flounder!
  • Cool points: Hipster Ariel gets all the cool points available, trust us.

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Well howdy there, partner!

  • Difficulty rating: Can you put a hat on by yourself? Then not tough.
  • Cost: Not much - trust us.
  • Cool points: Yeeee-ha!

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WW2 poster girl

It's the original girl power look.

  • Difficulty rating: None - the toughest bit is tying that headscarf.
  • Cost: You should have everything you need already, so free.
  • Cool points: You definitely get points for historical accuracy on this one…

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Minnie mouse

A Disney classic.

  • Difficulty rating: Easy as pie.
  • Cost: Minnie-mal. Geddit? Like minimal, but with… forget it.
  • Cool points: Minnie Mouse is the coolest ever.

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Starbucks cup

Frappucino, anyone?

  • Difficulty rating: You will have to craft a straw from loo rolls - and cut out the logo - but we have faith in you.
  • Cost: Not much - you can swap the furry scarf for bubble wrap or cotton wool if needs be!/em>
  • Cool points: What could be more cooling than an ice-cold Frappucino, eh?

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Broken doll


  • Difficulty rating: Strong makeup skills required.
  • Cost: Basically free, if you have makeup.
  • Cool points: Shiver-down-your-spine cool, but cool, nonetheless.

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Yup, the one with snakes in her hair.

  • Difficulty rating: If you don't own a white dress, you can make a toga from a white sheet - and it's not tough. Just ask YouTube.
  • Cost: Cheap as chips. Ancient Greek chips.
  • Cool points: Medusa's the original stone cold fox!

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Lady Gaga

So many Lady Gagas to choose from, but this seems most appropriate for Halloween.

  • Difficulty rating: That skull makeup could be tough for some, we imagine.
  • Cost: Not much, unless you can't get your hands on a shirt and tie.
  • Cool points: Gaga has a LOT of fans, so we're presuming very.

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The coolest and smartest member of the Scooby gang is a must for Halloween.

  • Difficulty rating: Not hard. Trust us.
  • Cost: You may have to hit up Primark, but we imagine pretty cheap.
  • Cool points: She's the coolest gal in Coolsville!

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Voodoo doll

Ouch. That's all.

  • Difficulty rating: Easy-peasy, although you will have to fashion an oversized heart and some pins.
  • Cost: This should be easy enough to do with budget gear, like straws and face paint.
  • Cool points: We're thinking more chilly than cool.

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This is adorable, isn't it?

  • Difficulty rating: That little hat looks fiddly, but it shouldn't be too tough.
  • Cost: Think green paper, sellotape, scissors and a red top.
  • Cool points: You're a strawberry, man - what do you want us to say?

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Pinball machine

Retro funtimes, eh?

  • Difficulty rating: You will have to do a lot of sewing or gluing, but other than that - not high.
  • Cost: You should be able to do it for less than £20.
  • Cool points: Everyone wants to play with a pin-ball machine!

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Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp did it, so we're doing it.

  • Difficulty rating: This is literally just putting on clothes. You can do it!
  • Cost: Not a lot - with some snipping and imagination you can make this from the stuff in your wardrobe.
  • Cool points: Enough to sink the Black Pearl.

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The mime

This one speaks for itself - or doesn't.

  • Difficulty rating: Makeup may be tricky, but the sourcing of black and white clothes should be easy as pie.
  • Cost: Minimal. Just like conversation is with a mime.
  • Cool points: Mimes aren't cool, to be honest - but this costume is pretty nifty!

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