6 tips to get A List skin at home


6 tips to get A List skin at home

Founder of iGlow Medical Spa Nurse Nataly gives us six celebrity tips that anyone can try at home and offers the first product from her new line of skin care

The sweet potato scrub

Make a mild scrub that doesn’t dry out your skin by taking half a cup of boiled sweet potato cubes, 1 tablespoon oats, and 1 tablespoon yogurt and blend them to form a thick, coarse paste. You can use this to scrub your skin in slow circular motions and wash it off with lukewarm water. Then moisturise your skin with your favorite moisturiser.

The food facial mask

Combine honey, plain yogurt or whipped egg whites for a great toning facial mask that leaves skin glowing.

The herbal tea facial toner

Make some chamomile herbal tea and pour into an ice tray to freeze. Once frozen, take an ice cube and rub it all over your face and this will leave you with glowing fresh skin. It's excellent!

Chamomile herbal tea ice cubes can be fantastic for the skin

Whiten your teeth

Make a paste of equal parts mashed or pureed strawberries and baking soda. Put in mouthguard or tooth tray and leave on teeth for up to 30 minutes. Repeat a couple times a week until your teeth are as white as you want.

The sugar scrub

Mix equal parts of white or brown sugar and olive or almond oil. To exfoliate skin, rub the mixture onto skin and massage in for a couple of minutes. Rinse off with warm water - a great way to tighten and smooth skin!

Natural dermabrasion

Wet face with warm water. Pour some baking soda into hands and massage into your face for at least 3 minutes. It will sting a little. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

iGlow's 24/7 Skin Rescue by Nurse Nataly is an excellent serum for the face

iGlow iMed Spa in Beverly Hills is unveiling a premier skincare collection. The first product from iGlow Skincare, 24/7 Skin Rescue, will launch this month allowing clients to maintain the glow of the spa’s elite services while at home. Nurse Nataly, the famed anti-aging guru and iGlow Med Spa’s founder has developed a nutrient-rich line of products for clients to “glow” long after their treatment.

Always at the forefront of new services, the development of iGlow’s skincare collection was a natural next step. The first product scheduled to launch, ‘24/7 Skin Rescue’ is a lightweight oil-based serum, which hydrates, nourishes, and helps skin recover from irritation. Powerful ceramides, a superior form of Vitamin E, and 13 exotic oils including argan oil and kukui nut oil soothe skin, minimize inflammation, and restore suppleness and resiliency. Ideal for use after treatment or as a hydrating serum on its own, 24/7 Skin Rescue is an amalgamation of various skin remedies in one.

For more info, please go to: http://iglowmedspa.com

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