Jess Wright: ‘It’s sad girls see a celeb with lip fillers and think they need them too’


Jess Wright: ‘It’s sad girls see a celeb with lip fillers and think they need them too’

Former TOWIE star and Mark Wright’s sister, Jess, opens up to Closer about the controversy around cosmetic procedures and her biggest fashion faux pas

Jessica Wright shot to fame in TOWIE – a show notorious for the cast member’s penchant for fake tan, mountains of make-up and full-on fashion.

But despite the high octane looks on the show, Jess, 31 - who previously had her breasts enlarged – isn’t a fan of promoting surgery or cosmetic procedures and is concerned how young girls may be influenced by the choices celebrities make, in particular lip fillers.

TOWIE alumni – including Amy Childs and Lauren Goodger have both admitted to having lip fillers.

Jess says: “It’s such a shame that young girls will learn about these lip fillers or see a celeb with them and think ‘Oh my god, I need them because everyone has them.’ When actually they may have perfect lips the way they are. My lips are naturally quite a nice shape and I’m fortunate – I do get it though if someone has really thin lips and they want to plump them up a bit. But the worst thing is when young girls ruin their natural beauty – it’s a shame because they can make their face old before it is old.”

After leaving the show in February Jess has focused on her collaborations with fashion and beauty brands building herself up as an entrepreneur – and she admits her look has changed a lot too.

She says: “I have toned down my look – I think all of the TOWIE lot have. In five years, things change, different looks are more fashionable. I had some real fashion disasters when I was younger – I look back and ask ‘What was I thinking!’ I used to wear brown lipstick – it was awful.

“I like looking more natural. Times have changed and everyone’s realised the art of good make-up in terms of contouring and the idea that sometimes less is more. I also dress more for my shape instead of just picking a dress out of the wardrobe and thinking ‘That’s glitzy and glam, I’ll wear that’. Now I want to dress sophisticated and classy.”

The singer and model’s latest venture includes being an ambassador for KISS Nails and Lashes – which she admits are her beauty “must have” and believes they are just as good as professional lash extensions.

KISS Lashes are available from Boots & Superdrug Nationwide starting from £4.49

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