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These are the 10 most pointless degrees, according to new research

New research has indicated that almost half of graduates could have reached the same point in their careers if they hadn't done their degrees.

The study conducted by Qube Learning spoke to 2,000 graduates and revealed that, shockingly, just under 50% could have got where they were if they had done a trainee or apprenticeship scheme, rather than an expensive degree.

And that's not all. although as much as 93 per cent of those surveyed said they enjoyed their uni experience, and spending time away from parents, nearly half agree their current job is in no way related to their degree.


Did you find your degree helped you get a job?

The study compiled a list of degrees that the students surveyed believed were a waste of time, and nearly two thirds of respondents who graduated with these qualifications admitted their jobs were now unrelated to the subject they studied.

The most pointless degree, according to the respondents, was acting, followed by outdoor adventure and environment (no, we didn't know that was a degree either)...

Coming in as the third most pointless was an office skills degree, and in fourth place came film studies.

Dance and drama came in fifth and sixth place, while a rather rogue addition of Celtic and Anglo Saxon studies degree was branded the seventh most pointless.

Also ranking on the list of degrees not worth doing were fashion, media studies and religious studies...

The 10 most pointless degrees

  1. Acting

  2. Outdoor adventure and environment

  3. Office skills

  4. Film studies

  5. Dance / choreography

  6. Drama studies

  7. Celtic and Anglo Saxon Studies

  8. Fashion merchandising

  9. Media studies

10.Religious Studies

If you studied any of these subjects, we want to hear from you. Do you agree that your degree was 'pointless'? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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