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Over 50s are more interested in dating than ever before, apparently

New research has revealed a record number of ‘baby boomers’ are now single and joining the dating game.

The study, conducted by Warner Leisure Hotels, revealed that there were double the number of over-50s considering online dating last year compared to 2013.

This may be down to a new lease of life, as a third of the over-50s surveyed claimed they were more carefree as they got older.

And that's not all. A whopping 27% admitted that, rather than losing their labido with age, they actually found themselves feeling more sexually liberated.

The study also found that almost a quarter of the 2,000 surveyed said they became less fussy about dating in their 50s than when they were dating in their 20s, although they still worried about some things, like being "boring", "tattoos" and "bad manners."

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More than a quarter also panic about being too nervous, and one in ten worry about their fashion sense.

Matt Finch, Marketing Director of Warner Leisure Hotels, comments: "Younger people have so many places that they can go to meet new people; bars, clubs, work etc, but as you get older this changes and it gets harder to meet someone new.

"At Warner it’s not uncommon to see a dance floor filled at 11pm on a Tuesday night with guests having a laugh and enjoying time together."

More than a quarter of over 50s also admit they'd be worried about their date making innapropriate advances.

Perhaps baby boomers should be cautious who they're talking to on dating apps, though... as new research has revealed that almost ONE THIRD of people in committed relationships are swiping on the sly. You can read more about that here.

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