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It turns out Aldi's Hula Hoops are just real Hula Hoops in disguise!

We can't believe this...

Hula Hoops have been a lunchbox staple for years, and it’s not hard to see why. They taste great, and half of their fun comes from the fact that you can wear them on your fingers like rings before devouring them.

So if you’re a huge fan of the mighty Hula Hoop – and let’s be honest, who isn’t? – then we’ve got some very interesting news for you.

It turns out that our favourite packet of crisps actually has an identical – and cheaper – double.

Original - or copy? (Credit: Getty)

Anyone who has bought the Aldi equivalent, Snackrite Hoops, might have found that they taste exactly like the original – and that’s because they are exactly the same.

KP Snacks, the brand behind the Hula Hoop, also make the Aldi Snackrite Hoops!

However, where KP multipacks sell 7 packets of Hula Hoops for around £1.60, the Aldi version sell a multipack of 10 for about 99p.

The news has gone viral thanks to one customer, Graeme Clapp, who bought a multipack of Aldi’s Snackrite Hoops and found rogue packets of KP Hula Hoops in the large bag.

Are they secretly the EXACT same product? (Credit: Twitter)

He told The Sun: “I was amazed it was stuffed full of branded original Hula Hoops.

“I immediately called out to my wife and asked jokingly, ‘Have you put Hula Hoops in the Aldi Snackrite multipack?’

“’No,’ she replied. ‘They must have left the factory that way!’”

For years there has been speculation that some big food brands also produce the cut-price versions, but Graeme believes he’s lifted the lid on the industry secret.

This customer was also very confused (Credit: Twitter)

“On the packaging the recipe and nutritional information on the back of the KP version is virtually identical to the Snackrite equivalent,” he said.

“I found the whole thing very amusing, I would be they are the same product in different packets.”

He isn't the only one. People have been coming forward on Twitter to share their confusion at getting a mixture of the two in their multipacks too.

However, KP denied that they were the same product, telling The Sun: “This looks like an unfortunate error at the packaging stage which we are investigating.

“KP Snacks does make products for Aldi at the same site as its own Hula Hoops brand, although the products are made on different lines and to different formulations.”

We’ll let you be the judge…

Do you know of any other discount products that taste exactly like the full-price or premium versions? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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