The group were living in a remote part of New South Wales

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Australian Incest Case: Severely deformed children found living in squalor

Over a dozen children have been found living in an incestuous cult, in a remote corner of Australia.

The 40-strong-clan is thought to be the result of four generations of in-breeding, after it was claimed family members were involved in sexual relationships with one another.

It’s believed a pair of great-great grandparents, who were brother and sister, started the family.

“There was nothing on the land where they lived – just scrub.”

The group is reportedly made up of five family groups, including a woman, in her 40s, who had 13 children with her brother and father.

Sickeningly, children in the camp were encouraged to start sexual relationships from a young age with their own siblings.

One of the children, Kimberly, 13, has spoken of committing sexual acts with her teenage uncle’s – including one boy who was just 12.

All the children are thought to be under 16 [posed by a model]
Nearly all of the children are physically deformed and are thought to have severe learning difficulties, due to the inbreeding.

Nearly all of the children are unable to read or write, while some of them do not know how to perform basic tasks, such as using toilet paper or coming their hair.

The family were found back in September, however the New South Wales Children’s Court decided to publicise the case after believing it to be in the public’s interest.

Their camp was discovered when locals from the closest village, 20 miles away, contacted the authorities to explain there were children living in the hills who did not attend school.

It was only after this that stunned social workers discovered the squalid camp, which had no running water or electricity, which housed the family in broken down caravans and tents.

Locals from the surrounding area are said to be shocked at the discovery, where harrowing details of their existence are still unfolding.

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