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Ben Needham's toy car found at dump hours before search was called off

The most recent search for Ben came to an end yesterday

Ben Needham was just 21-months-old when he disappeared while on holiday with his family in Kos.

After fresh excavations by police of the farmland in Kos where Ben was last seen on 24 July 1991 last month (September), police have now clarified that Ben "most likely" died in an accident near to where he disappeared.

Det Insp Jon Cousins, who is leading the inquiry, said: "During the course of the inquiries we have made over the last 19 months, we have closed off a large number of theories about what happened to Ben, many of which have been open for over 20 years.

"My team and I know that machinery, including a large digger, was used to clear an area of land on 24 July 1991, behind the farmhouse that was being renovated by the Needhams.

"It is my professional belief that Ben Needham died as a result of an accident near to the farmhouse in Iraklis where he was last seen playing."

Hours before they called off the search, it is believed that investigators discovered the little yellow toy car that Ben was playing with that day at a secret fly-tipping site where digger driver Konstantinos “Dino” Barkas dumped his waste.

It was found hidden among the dust and dirt – with mum Kerry and gran Christine '90%' sure it was Ben's.

Christine said: “I was shaken by it and both me and Kerry cried. I just felt sick really. It was a shock.”

“I expected it to have no paint on but I was 90% sure it was Ben’s. When I saw it I felt disbelief. It must have been dumped at that site by Dino. It didn’t walk there.

“Obviously it had not rusted because it had been hidden in dust and not in the wet.”

The toy car will now be taken back to the UK for tests.

Police believe the 21-month-old’s body was moved by digger driver "Dino" (Konstantinos Barkas), who died of cancer in 2015.

Kerry Needham has slammed the man deemed responsible for all her pain and anguish, as he took information about Ben to his grave.

Kerry said: “I’d tear up the whole island to find him. I can’t say goodbye until I know where he is."

"One man has taken a secret to his grave. Police believe that."

She added: "They know enough ­information to know that happened. Someone else has come forward who was a teenager working for Dino.

"He learnt about Ben and asked Dino a few times and he kept saying, ‘No not possible’ but then in 2012 this person asked Dino about it again and he admitted to him in 2012: ‘I don’t know for sure but yes it’s possible.’

"Dino knew. Of course he knew. I hope he’s burning in hell."

We'll bring you more on this story as it happens.

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