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Blind Date contestants reunited in chance meeting on the tube after 25 years... And now they're going on another date!

Howard Griffiths and Brigette Bard were matched on Blind Date 25 years ago by the loveable Cilla Black - and fate has reunited them once again...

Howard and Brigette went on a date to Germany in 1992 after being matched on Blind Date by our Cilla, but it fizzled out and the pair went their separate ways.

But in a chance meeting that could literally have only been orchestrated by fate, the two met again last night.

When they sat opposite each other on the tube.

Howard on Blind Date 25 years ago with our Cil (Credit: ITV/ Blind Date)


Isn't this so crazy?!

WATCH: Howard Griffiths and Brigette Bard reunite on the tube after 25 years

The chances of actually being in the same tube at exactly the same time in exactly the same carriage and sat literally OPPOSITE each other... Well, they're pretty small.

They went on a date to Germany in 1992 (Credit: Twitter/ Howard Griffiths)

Howard still has photos from their trip together (Credit: Handout/ Howard Griffiths)

The couple really seemed to have fun together! (Credit: Handout/ Howard Griffiths)

Ok, maybe we're just getting too excited.

But anyway.

Howard told MailOnline that he was out with some friends last night: "About ten minutes later, three women got on to my carriage and one blonde woman sat opposite me.

"She did a double take and said 'I know you', but then she said 'Howard?' and I thought, 'No, it can't be', and then said 'Brigette?' and it was her.

"We both told each other that we haven't changed. She's still got her sparkly blue eyes and is just as gorgeous as she was when she was on the show."

In even more EXCELLENT news, the couple are meeting up NEXT WEEK.


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