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Bradley Lowery's parents: "Our boy's legacy will live forever"

The parents of six-year-old Bradley Lowery have spoken for the first time on This Morning about their son's amazing legacy.

Bradley lost his fight against rare cancer neuroblastoma, in July this year. He touched the hearts of the nation with his courage and adorable personality and now his mum and dad have bravely appeared on live television to talk about their amazing little boy and the foundation they have launched in his honour.

Bradley Lowery died in July this year (CREDIT: Facebook/ Bradley Lowery's Fight Against Neuroblastoma)

Gemma Lowery opened up about the ordeal of Bradley's diagnosis and subsequent treatment: "He got scanned and it was shown he had a tumour in his tummy. Unfortunately, in the weeks after we realised that it had spread. The treatment was brutal. The first lot of treatment didn't work. So, he had more treatment. This went on for ten months.

"Because he was so poorly in the beginning, he slept through the first two weeks of diagnosis. When he came round, he already had these tubes in his nose and his chest. It had almost become normal to him."

They were thrilled when their son was then given the all clear and they were able to be a "normal family".

Gemma revealed: "It was the best 18 months we ever had."

Bradley's parents spoke about the treatment their son had to endure (CREDIT: Facebook/ Bradley Lowery's Fight Against Neuroblastoma)

But during a routine screening, they realised the cancer had come back. "We knew at that point we had to fight with everything we had," she added.

Bradley's own fighting spirit captured us all and the couple were flooded with support to help raise funds for more treatment.

Gemma said: "It was all because of Bradley. Although he was only here for a short time he's done so much for a little boy of six years. It's incredible and I'm so proud of him."

Bradley became best friends with his hero Jermain Defoe before he died (CREDIT: Facebook/ Bradley Lowery's Fight Against Neuroblastoma)

During his young life Bradley became best friends with his footballing hero Jermain Defoe who struck up a close bond with him before he died.

The Bournemouth player confessed Bradley's courage had inspired him and revealed on today's show: "There was an instant connection. It was something that was special. I remember him being in the changing room before the game and his energy was amazing for a little child who wasn't well.

Jermain also appeared on This Morning to talk about how Bradley touched his life (CREDIT: ITV)

"He touched my life in a big way, to be honest. Obviously, it was difficult. I could see he was in pain and I didn't want to leave him.

"I think about him before every game. He loved his football. That's when he came alive. I'm so used to Brads being beside me. There are so many great memories and I feel blessed there are so many great memories with him and his family."

Gemma went on to explain the reasons why they had set up the foundation, of which Jermain will be the patron: "I want to build his legacy and help other children with the Bradley Lowery Foundation... so that people don't forget what he's done and they don't forget that smile."

It's safe to say we'll all remember Bradley forever.

Find out more about the Bradley Lowery Foundation.

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