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Eek! It looks like we've ALL been breaking the law without even knowing it

One of the top offences British people commit has been revealed – but are you guilty?

We were surprised in the past when we learnt the top five accidental acts of illegal neighbourly behaviour but now we've discovered a shocking law that we all might be guilty of breaking.

Nobody wants to break the law because one it's bad and two who wants to pay a fine or spend time in prison?

But it's recently come to light that we may all be breaking the law without even knowing it and you'll never guess why… because we sing Happy Birthday in a RESTAURANT.

If you've ever sang Happy Birthday in a restaurant you've broken the law (Credit: Getty Images)


Literally, singing one of the most infamous songs in the whole world - Happy Birthday - in a restaurant is against the law.

"Happy Birthday to You" is actually owned by a private company and is therefore copyrighted, which means it's against the law to sing the birthday song in a restaurant if you haven't paid a licensing fee.

Who actually knew?!

So the next time you celebrate someone's birthday or attempt to get a free dessert in a restaurant, you might want to think twice.

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According to BT (who recently did a survey) some of the other top offences British people commit is drinking alcohol under the age of 18, eaten or drank whilst driving and being drunk on the street.

These are the top 10 laws people break in the UK:

  1. Sang Happy Birthday in a restaurant

  2. Drank alcohol under the age of 18

  3. Sworn or gestured to other road users

  4. Eaten or drank whilst driving

  5. Vacuumed between the hours of 6pm and 8am on a weekday or 1pm and 8am on a Saturday or Sunday

  6. Parked partly on a pavement

  7. Cycled on pavements

  8. Speeding whilst driving

  9. Beeped a horn for any reason other than alerting traffic

  10. Been drunk on the street, or in a pub or restaurant

Are you guilty of singing Happy Birthday in a restaurant? What do you think of these 10 laws people break? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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