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Breastfeeding tattoos are the latest way for mums to celebrate motherhood

Would you get a breastfeeding tattoo? Here's some Instagram inspiration

There's nothing more natural than the bond between a mother and baby, and breastfeeding mums have found a new, artistic way to celebrate their children.

Under the hashtag #breastfeedingtattoos, Instagram users are sharing body art that depicts nursing mothers and their babies.

The tattoos are done in a variety of styles, from traditional to realistic black-and-white portraits, with some mums even opting for an image of a breastfeeding mermaid.

Here's some of the best and most beautiful.

1. Simple but heartfelt

Tattoo artist Kim Bale designed this simple line drawing for a client, and wrote that breastfeeding is "something i totally agree should be more accepted!"

2. The 'mama-tree'

Instagram user gaugeandskysmama opted for a bold chest piece, and revealed that her son adorably calls it the "mama-tree".

3. The feminist statement

Audrey's design brings two feminist images together. The breastfeeding mother in her impressively realistic inking is based on the iconic wartime 'We Can Do It!' poster, which featured a determined woman rolling up her shirt sleeve, and is often re-used today in the context of female empowerment.

4. The mermaid

Mermaids are a popular theme when it comes to breastfeeding tattoos, and this gorgeous undersea mum is made even more interesting with her starry hair.

5. Less is more

An understated line drawing, by an artist at Madrid tattoo studio RXX Tattoo, would make an ideal first tattoo for someone who doesn't want anything too bold.

6. Pastel power

Mum Tara Giangiordano went for a realistic depiction of a breastfeeding mother and child, surrounded by pastel flowers. She wrote that normalising breastfeeding has become a passion of hers since having children, and what a pretty way to do it.

7. Water babies

Moondancingmama's water birth inspired her to get this cute, watercolour-style mermaid.

8. Love meets art

Another watercolour-style tattoo, this forearm piece is understated but colourful.

9. Vintage mum

This cute design by Michigan tattoo artist Tiffany features a mum in a vintage-style blouse, possibly reflecting the tattoo owner's favourite look.

10. Princess mum

The blue hair and headdress give the mum in this tattoo a superhero-like air, and let's face it, mums are kind of superheroes, so it's only fitting.

11. Cartoon love

An abstract, cartoon-style design is simple and small, and makes a great choice for those who want to keep it understated.

12. A twist on the pinup

Traditional pinup tattoos feature curvy, often bikini-clad women, but this breastfeeding take, still done in the classic sailor style, features a frock-clad woman nursing her baby, who sports an adorable quiff.

13. Bed of roses

Mum Chelsea Pineda described her flower-surrounded breastfeeding lady as her "most badass tattoo yet" and we can see why.

14. Good hair, don't care

Tattoo artist and mum Carrie Crutcher, from Ohio, created this adorable floral design, mixing soft colours with traditional styling, and inking some glossy hair we're seriously jealous of.

15. Tattooed mama

The mother depicted in this tattoo has some inkings of her own - Glasgow tattooist Roberto Poliri added detail with some subtle tattoos-within-a-tattoo.

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