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Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls is the best thing we've seen so far in 2017

Too funny!

If you're a cat person, you're going to LOVE this!

Aussie marketing exec Rachael Aslett has developed a strange side career - matching images of cats with images of pin up girls. Yes, really.

The whole thing started five years back when Rachel was working on a campaign for a pin up brand, and it's all kind of snowballed from there.

Speaking to Closer Online, Rachel explained how she got the idea for the genius campaign in the first place, telling us: "I saw a picture of a cat compared to an Olympic diver online, and it sparked an idea in my head."

She makes it sound so easy!

She went on to tell us: "None of the images are mine - which is unfortunate as I have had so many calendar requests! - but I found all of the pictures by searching terms like 'yoga cat', 'funny cat' and other ridiculous things on the internet. I found cats in funny poses and ended up having a whole catalogue (no pun intended) of silly cat photos.

"Sometimes I would look for the pin up to match a specific photo. I basically have a whole lot of both cat and pin up pictures memorised now, so when I see a good photo, I usually know if I have a matching one already."

But despite spending so time looking at hilarious pictures of cats, Rachael told us she's not actually not a cat person: "I don't have a cat, but I do have two dogs. If I did have a cat, I probably would have tried to wrangle him/her into crazy pin up poses.

To view more of Rachael's excellent Cat Pin Up work, head to the Tumblr page.

One more? Oh go on then...

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