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BREAKING NEWS: Charlie Gard has passed away

A spokesperson has confirmed that Charlie Gard has passed away at the age of 11 months

The story of Charlie Gard touched the hearts of the nation.

But after just 10 months of battling his terminal genetic mitochondrial disease, the 11-month-old boy has died.

His parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard, were at his bedside at a hospice, holding the little boy in their arms as he passed away ??).

After months and months of legal proceedings trying to get Charlie to the US to have pioneering treatment, Connie and Chris rescinded their court case (last week).

Baby Charlie was born 4 August last year (Credit: Go Fund Me/ Charlie's Fight)

Heartbreakingly, Charlie didn't even reach his first birthday, which would have been on the 4 August.

Sadly, Connie and Chris were not allowed to take him to die peacefully in their home.

WATCH: Connie Yates discusses the battle for baby Charlie on Good Morning Britain

A court ruled that he was allowed to be moved to a hospice, but that taking him home would be impossible due to difficulties in caring for him.

Connie and Chris campaigned for 10 months of Charlie's 11-month life to get him sent to America for pioneering treatment that has worked with other strains of the illness, but Charlie's rare case meant that doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital would not allow it.

When new scans showed that the treatment would not help Charlie, Connie and Chris dropped their legal battle.

Connie and Chris have campaigned for his life over the past few months (Credit: Getty Images)

Speaking in court, Connie said: "This is the hardest thing we've ever had to do. Following most recent MRI scan we've decided to let our son go.

"He is not brain dead. A whole lot of time has been wasted. Treatment would have improved his quality of life. There is no evidence of irreversible brain damage. If we'd had access to raw data, we're convinced he would have had treatment.

"His illness has deteriorated to the point of no return. But no organ has failed. There is no proof he is in pain or suffering.

"But the prospect of improvement now too low. Deterioration in his muscles means there is no way back. The treatment should have been tried. Charlie had a real chance of getting better."

RIP Charlie Gard (Credit: Go Fund Me/ Charlie's Fight)

Our thoughts are with Charlie's family at this difficult time.

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