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Chris Evans chauffeured two of his listeners to their wedding in his Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car and its amazing

Two of Chris Evans' radio listeners were given the wedding of a lifetime after the DJ offered to chauffer them to their ceremony in his Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car.

Steve Elliot had rung in to Chris's breakfast show on BBC Radio 2 and was speaking excitedly about his upcoming wedding when the former TopGear host offered his services as a chauffer.

And not only that, Chris also suggested they use his replica 1936 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car, which he'd bought in 2012.

Chris chauffered the couple to their wedding in Windsor (Credit: SWNS)

Of course, Steve and his bride Jackie agreed, and Chris followed through with his offer, driving the pair to the Christopher Wren Hotel in Windsor, Berks, yesterday.

But it wasn't just the DJ in attendance. He also brought his wife, Natasha Shishmanian and his two sons along, and stayed to watch the ceremony.

Chris purchased the replica car in 2012(Credit: SWNS)

And by the look of it, Chris, Steve and Jackie got on like a house on fire!

Chris and the couple appeared to get on well (Credit: SWNS)

The Radio 2 DJ tried to sell the car in 2015 but it failed to meet a £350,000 estimate.

We bet Jackie and Steve are pretty chuffed about that, to be honest.

WATCH: Chris Evans takes Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for a spin...

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