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SHOCKING real life: "My unborn grandchild was offered to paedophiles on the dark web'

In this week’s Closer Magazine, an exclusive investigation reveals just how dark the DARK WEB really is...

The dark web has been thrown into the spotlight after 20-year-old British model Chloe Ayling was kidknapped and put up for auction as a sex slave on the dark web by criminal group called Black Death.

And now a Closer investigation of the sinister world where drugs, weapons and even humans are advertised, has revealed just how dangerous and depraved the dark web really is.

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Sarah*, 44, knows only too well how evil the dark web can be, as sickeningly her granddaughter was promised to paedophiles by her own father before she was even born.

The sick dark web advertisment read: "Young incest fun. Have child on the way. Will share."

You can read the full story of Sarah's* ordeal and the dangers of the dark web in this week's Closer Magazine - on sale NOW!


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