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Daughter gives mum a stunning makeover following her chemotherapy

And her mum looks incredible

Beauty blogger Nadina Ioana has shown the true power of makeup, after posting a heart-warming video of her giving her mum - who had recently undergone chemotherapy - a gorgeous makeover.

Sadly Nadina's mum lost her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes during chemo, and the beautifully natural look Nadina created included pencilled-on eyebrows, false lashes and a super-cute wig.

Posting a snip of the video makeover on her Instagram page, Nadina wrote: "My warrior. Here I leave you a very special video I made with the collaboration of my mother.

"In this tutorial I show you how to do makeup for a chemo patient."

Nadina revealed that because her mother has very sensitive skin it was important to prepare her skin with moisturising cream and serum for sensitive and dry skin before putting any makeup on. She also stressed that it's important to be careful when applying the flash eyelashes to someone who has lost their own to ensure they're comfortable for the client.

The inspiring video has now had over 126,000 views on Youtube, and hundreds of people have posted their support the Youtuber and her mother online.

One person commented: "This is so amazing! When I went through chemo I was do this same routine and nobody ever knew I had lost my hair or what I was even going through."

Others wrote:

"Your mum looks so beautiful. This tutorial is an inspiration and it shows how much you put your effort in making your mum beautiful… she is already btw. You're a true artist. Love your mum's new look and love you too."

"This is beautiful. Your mum is a beautiful woman and you are a very strong lady. It's lovely to see your family bond. My mother also went through so I can relate"

"My mum was a chemo patient too. For me, she's been always amazing but when I tried to make her up, she could see herself more beautiful"

"This is SO BEAUTIFUL! I'm tearing up right now. Both brave, beautiful and strong women! Sending my prayers"

We couldn't agree more.

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