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DEBATE: When should you really take down your Christmas tree?

Have any of you done it already?

The Christmas period is officially nearly all over folks. Sad face.

And despite a lot of us being caught up in the week-long slump that exists between Boxing Day and New Years Day, most of us are excitedly making plans for 2017 and are soooooo over the endless amount of festive decorations that adore our homes.

So when are we supposed to take them all down? Is there a specific date? Do people actually take them all down before New Year? Or should we appreciate them a little longer?

Let's try and settle the age-old debate, shall we?

Every family has different traditions. Some of us adore Christmas and want to appreciate our special Christmas decorations for as long as possible, whereas some people wait and put it up as close to Christmas Day and take them all down a week after.

However, unlike the varied dates for people to put up their tree, many people do stick to the same date to take down their tree – between January 5th or 6th.

Traditionally, the Twelfth Night (meaning twelve days after Christmas) represents the true end of the festive period. And in Victorian times and even before, families used to celebrate this date by eating even more cake, dancing and playing games.

It was always the tradition to take down decorations only on or after those dates and even today people believe it's bad luck if decorations are left up past this date.

So if you're not done with Christmas yet, you've got nearly a full week left of enjoyment.

When do you take down your Christmas tree? Have you got a tradition or does it vary each year?

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