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Dog lost during hurricane finds his way home 18 months later

A dog lost during hurricane Sandy has returned home to his owners 18-months after the destructive storm.

Chuck and Elicia James lost their dog Reckless during the hurricane in October 2012.

After searching high and low for the dog to no avail, the couple were left with no choice but to assume the worst.

Following a period of mourning, the New Jersey couple decided they were ready to welcome a new dog into their home, so they made their way down to the local animal shelter.

Amazingly, the first dog they saw at the shelter turned out to be none other than their little lost dog, Reckless!

The dog shelter explained on it’s Facebook page:

‘Your family dog is lost during Hurricane Sandy. After searching and giving up hope, 1.5 years later you decide to adopt a dog. You head to the Monmouth County SPCA, meet with an adoption counsellor and plan on meeting some dogs.’

‘The adoption counsellor brings in your first candidate and guess what; it’s YOUR DOG!’

Hurricane Sandy battered the eastern coastline of the US
‘Lucas came to the Monmouth County SPCA in November and had been waiting for his forever family. Volunteers have even said he seemed like he was looking for someone. Now we know Lucas (who’s real name is Reckless) was searching for his family!’

Elicia told the New York Times: ‘I didn’t know it was him right away. They fattened him up so much. My wife said, “That’s our dog. That’s Reckless.” We both got teary-eyed. The dog was licking us to death, he was jumping three feet in the air. He was home. He knew the ordeal was over.’

The couple say that they credit the no-kill centres who refuse to put a healthy stray dog down in helping them reunite with Reckless.

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