Downton Abbey, Homeland and Breaking Bad are inspiring baby names of 2013

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Downton Abbey, Homeland and Breaking Bad are inspiring baby names of 2013

New parents are taking baby name inspiration from their favourite TV shows, but George is 20% less popular after royal baby…

Finding the perfect name for your baby son or daughter can be tough, but plenty of new parents are turning to their favourite TV shows for inspiration.

Yup, a new survey has revealed that mums and dads are paying tribute to hit TV shows such as Downton Abbey, Homeland, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones with their children. And plenty of babies are being named after their parents' favourite TV characters.

The number of boys named Brody – the main character in Homeland – is up 40%, while Arya – the tomboy heroine from Game Of Thrones – is 65th in the girls’ chart after a huge surge, although most parents are opting for the more traditional spelling of Aria.

Arya, taken from the Game Of Thrones character, is the 65th most popular girls name
Breaking Bad druggie Jesse’s name was up 13, one baby was named Hank – like the show’s DEA agent - and there was a 70% rise in Skyler, anti-hero Walter White’s wife in the crime drama.

But it's not all about the US television shows; homegrown period drama Downton Abbey has also been affecting our baby name choices.

In fact, the show has prompted a double-figure rise for the names Violet, played by Maggie Smith in the hit series, Elsie, Ivy and Cora.

Sarah Barrett, managing director of – which commissioned the survey – said: “Inspiration for your baby’s name can come from anywhere, which is why a show like Breaking Bad, which has been hugely popular, has influenced naming choices this year.

"Parents fear being labelled Kate [Middleton] copycats but will take inspiration from well-known characters in popular TV shows or films, even those with negative associations."

The baby name George has seen a significant drop in popularity since the royal birth

Yup, that's right; the research into the 21,000 babies born this year found George 20% less popular this year, despite being chosen by Kate and William for the new prince.

The top ten girls’ names:

  1. Olivia

  2. Emily

  3. Sophia

  4. Lily

  5. Isabella

  6. Isabelle

  7. Amelia

  8. Isla

  9. Sophie

  10. Ava

The top ten boys’ names:

  1. Oliver

  2. Jack

  3. Charlie

  4. Harry

  5. Oscar

  6. Thomas

  7. Jacob

  8. Ethan

  9. Noah

  10. James

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