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Bodyform causes OUTRAGE with this new name for a vagina

There are so many positive influencers out there working hard to ensure that we love our bodies and our natural selves – just take a look at this fitness blogger who has gone viral after refusing to shave her body for over a year.

So when a brand decided to try and replace the word we use to describe our reproductive organs with a strange slogan, it’s hardly surprising that many found it offensive and unnecessary.

Organic tampon brand Freda Health pointed out that one brand of sanitary towels has decided to create their own word for a vagina, and no one can quite understand why.

“As if periods didn’t have enough shame and taboo surrounding it, we now have a V-Zone!! Like why? Do men have P-Zones? Come on @bodyform!” the post said, alongside an image of the packaging.

Many others were quick to point out that there’s literally nothing wrong with the word ‘vagina’, and therefore saw no need for the company to try and allude to it with the vague-sounding ‘V-Zone’.

Labour MP Jess Phillips made a concise and valid point:

One went so far as to scream vagina (as much as you can scream on Twitter…):

One user even had a hilarious suggestion for another use of the word…

Although many were confused about why they couldn't have used 'vagina', a spokesperson for Bodyform reached out to CloserOnline to explain their wording choice.

"We agree that everyone should use the correct anatomical language when referring to our genitals," they said.

"The term V-Zone, which has been used on all Bodyform Daily Fresh Liner products, is not a euphemism for the vagina or vulva.

"Space on packaging is limited and we have used the term V-Zone to refer to the area of skin that begins under the belly button where pubic hair growth starts and ends between the thighs (but not inside the vagina)."

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