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Granny slates her friend's 'shite' tattie scones in a hilarious Facebook post

Hazel doesn't mince her words!

Everyone loves their nan, but now everyone also loves Rowan Ramsey's granny Hazel, after her seriously harsh Facebook comment went viral.

It all started when Hazel's Facebook friend Alison Mccaffery posted photos of her homemade tattie scones (also known as potato cakes) on Facebook. Alongside the picture, she wrote: "Homemade tattie scones. No bad for a first try. Needs more salt"

However, 77-year-old Hazel didn't agree, and she wasn't about to let a little think like hurting Alison's feelings get in the way. Commenting under the photo, she wrote: "Sorry. Alison but they look shite hope they tasted better than they looked I've no tried the recipe yet I will post a picture x"

Yes, she went in!

Thankfully for us (but sadly for Alison), Hazel's 23-year-old granddaughter Rowan posted a screenshot of the exchange on Twitter, and the post soon went viral.

Speaking to Closer Online, Rowan admitted that both herself and her nan were surprised they had gone viral: "My nann's so funny, she's always up to something, so I'm alwasys posting about her on my Facebook and nothing really comes from it!

She added: "My granny didn't believe it until a reporter phoned her, she finds it hilarious!"

Ramsay and Hazel are very close and only live a street away from each other (Credit: Twitter / rowram)

Rowan might be surprised her the stories gone viral, but she wasn't at all surprised at her nans comment. She told "She’s always like that just does not care no beating about the bush she’s hilarious!"

Since the post blew up on social media, Hazel has even given teh recipe a go herself, and Rowan told us that the grandkids have been over to their nans to try to her potato cakes for themselves.

She also revealed that even though Hazel was quick to shut down Alison's tattie scones, her nan isn't a chef herself, saying: "She isn't a great cook at all, she has a cheek, she makes a cracking pot of soup but that's her limit she's no Gordon Ramsay."

And if you're wondering how Alison Mccaffery is feeling, Rowan reassured us that Hazel and Alison have been on the phone to each other laughing at the situation.

Hazel and Ramsay have also found the incident hilarious (Credit: Twitter / rowram)

Now... who fancies some tattie scones for tea?

Is your gran brutally honest? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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