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Stop EVERYTHING you're doing and read this significantly life-changing news about Greggs

Greggs are opening up drive-thru chains across the country after the test in Salford, Manchester went well

One of the best things about going to McDonald's is the drive-thru.

The fact that you can literally go in your PJs, have only a small amount of contacts with other humans and still get your deliciously greasy food at the end of it with minimal effort required is nothing short of a miracle.

And that miracle is set to spread to the glory of Greggs very soon.

Ya can't beat a Greggs' sausage roll (Credit: Greggs)

The Kings and Queens of pastries did the good people of Manchester a solid back in June when they opened up a trial drive-thru in Salford, Manchester.

Since the trial went so well, there are now plans to expand the drive-thrus across the country!

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Roger Whiteside, Chief Executive of Greggs, confirmed to the Newcastle Chronicle that it was indeed happening.

He said: "We opened our first 'Drive-Thru' shop at Irlam, Greater Manchester, in June and have been encouraged by its popularity, indicating a demand for further drive-thru locations."

Are you more of a steak bake lover? (Credit: Greggs)

He continued: "We are very excited by it – it's got off to a flying start. It's been interesting and exciting to see how well customers have taken to it.

"Customers are very taken by the idea of not having to leave their cars."

Damn straight!

Or how about a slice of pizza? (Credit: Greggs)

Roger added: "There is an edited selection of the menu at the lane but everything in the whole range is available.

"People know Greggs and know what they want so just order from memory, and the transaction value is higher because they are doing a run for a group of people or a family."

That's true. Whether you're a sausage roll kind of person or a chicken bake lover, we rarely sway from our usuals, do we?

We LITERALLY cannot wait for this!

Would you like to see a Greggs drive-thru open near you? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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