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Off-grid parents Matt and Adele Allen kept their children's placenta attached for SIX DAYS

It has now come to light that off-grid parents - Adele and Matt Allen - left their children Ulysses and Ostara's placenta attached for almost a week after giving birth

Since their infamous appearance on This Morning where the alternative parents revealed their children do not take medication, are home-schooled and do not follow the national curriculum and are not disciplined it has now been discovered that the couple who live in Brighton had two lotus births with their children.

A lotus birth is where parents decide to keep the umbilical cord attached to their child and wait for it to naturally fall off.

The couple appeared on This Morning along with their two children Ulysses and Ostara. On the ITV show they discussed their lifestyle and Adele admitted she had water births with both her children at home without any medical assistance.

She told Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes: "I had an unassisted child birth. I did have an emergency number on hand but I very much felt that I could handle what was coming my way."

And now it has come to light that back in 2013 - two years after giving birth to Ulysses - Adele confessed that she kept her son's placenta for five days after giving birth until it "came away naturally".

Opening up she said: "The popular belief is that it’s bad for mum and baby – but it really isn’t.

"After the placenta came out, we kept it in a bag next to the bed, still attached to Ulysses. We wrapped it in a cloth and we washed it every day."

She continued: "We didn’t rub it with spices or anything though, so by the end it didn’t smell too good. But after five days of lying in bed together it just came away naturally. It was lovely," they told The Argus.

Adele and Matt were deemed controversial following their This Morning interview

The Allen family who treated the placenta "almost like Ulysses' twin," wanted to originally bury the placenta on the right side of their house (because it represents masculinity) however because they lived in a block of flats they "just threw it off the end of the pier."

However, just before their This Morning TV appearance the mum-of-two admitted to Barcroft TV that she also had a lotus birth with her daughter. She explained: "For both of my births it took six days to fall away naturally."

Adele also revealed how the placenta finally came away from her son's belly button, she said: "After six days of healing and bonding, we woke up one morning to find our baby Ulysses had gripped hold of the cord and detached it by himself, leaving a neat and healthy-looking belly button.

Adele left the placenta attached to her children almost a week after giving birth (Credit: ITV)

"For the six days the placenta was still attached, he was very peaceful and slept extremely well," she told XO Jane.

Following their This Morning appearance not only did the couple ask the public to donate £100,000 so they could move to Costa Rica, they recently revealed they were reported to social services by "vindictive trolls".

You can watch their This Morning interview below.

What do you think of Lotus births? Would you ever try it? Do you know anyone who has kept the placenta attached to their child? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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