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Katie Hopkins hits out at mums: 'If your child has nits it's your fault'

Katie Hopkins has slammed mums whose children have nits, claiming they should 'be ashamed'.

The controversial social commentator didn't hold back on her new pet hate- nit infested families.

Claiming that households with nits, are always those where the 'dog is allowed to lick the plate clean', the mother-of-three ranted:

"If your child had nits, frankly you should be ashamed of yourself. Don't give me any of that 'clean hair' clap trap.

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"Always the 'perfect mums' with nit infested kids. So busy puréeing organic carrots, hygiene goes out the window.

"Kids with nits are right up there with trying to eat dinner in a house where dogs lick the plates in the dish washer.


"Nits are not part of growing up. Nits are natures way of pointing a finger at the vegan mum that washes kids in rainwater to save the planet."

The 39-year-old concluded:

"I have never had nits - nor my children. In my experience it is the repeat offender mums that treat parasites as family pets."

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