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Scorned woman takes VERY public revenge on cheating ex

But who are Graham and Linda?

A scorned woman named Linda in the small, sleepy town of Warwick, is certainly not afraid to air her dirty laundry in public.

More than 200 posters have been put up around the town and its surrounding areas bearing the message: "Graham. If she is so good in bed you can stay there! Merc keys in Canal. Locks changed. Credit cards maxed. Happy New Year, Linda xxx"


The posters, which were first spotted just after the New Year, have since been shared on social media by shocked and amused local residents who are all desperate to find out exactly who Linda and Graham are.

(Credit: Daniel Pare - Facebook)

However, some local residents have questioned the authenticity of the posters, noting that the web address for a local printing company, Throwing Rocks, is printed at the bottom.

Commenting on Spotted: Warwick - a Facebook page for people who live in the area - Chloë Speight wrote: "Considering the company is based in Warwick I reckon it's publicity they're after!"

Rich Ward added: "Great, cost effective way of advertising, fair play to them!"

And Kate Rist said: "Brilliant pr stunt tho. A lot of chatter about it so it's worked."

The company, however, have denied any involvement, and responded: "This was a genuine paying customer, all our boards from now on will feature our website at the bottom... the word of mouth so far has been great, but the more people that know about us, the better!"

(Credit: Spotted Warwick - Facebook)

Whether it's a publicity stunt or genuine revenge, it's certainly brought a smile to our faces this morning!

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