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‘I’ll eat myself to 60st even if it kills me'

Morbidly obese Patty Sanchez is 51st – but says despite doctors’ warnings she’ll only be truly happy by putting on more weight

The 40 year old’s rippling flab first shocked Closer readers two years ago when she weighed a hefty 43st and revealed she’d ballooned to look sexy for her feeder boyfriend.

But although the couple’s bizarre relationship ended in January, Patty, who now weighs an incredible 51st, is determined to get even fatter.


Unbelievably, she says it’s the only way she feels happy and has decided to devour a staggering 13,000 calories a day – almost six times what most women eat in a day – in a bid to hit 60st by 2011.

“I want to be the biggest woman in the world,” insists Patty. “I’m on a mission. I don’t care what people say or if I eat myself to death – this is how I feel my best and I have a better sex life than ever.”

Shockingly, the 5ft 8 mum-of-four says her saggy flesh and 70GG bust make her feel so sexy she’s enlisted the help of a harem of feeders – two men and a woman who get a kick out of her curves – to set calorie-laden menus to help her achieve her obscene goal.

And Patty, who sells photos of herself in lingerie and takes part in online feeding sessions – watched by over 10,000 fans – claims her blubber makes her £60,000 a year. She says: “I’d be a nobody and boring if I was skinny.”

Incredibly, LA-based Patty was a UK size 8 in her 20s when she was married to her first husband because she felt under pressure to be thin. She says: “I ate a healthy diet and only had treats on special occasions.”

The pair split in 1991 after having two children. Patty married again and had two more children. But when that relationship ended in 1997, she finally gave up on diets.

“I was fed up with dieting and trying to be slim for men,” she says. “After I stopped dieting I stuffed my face with everything. I binged 24 hours a day – the freedom was amazing. I was rebelling and putting on a stone every six weeks.”

In just three years, Patty ballooned to 25st and a size 32 by gorging on family buckets of KFC, pancakes with butter and cream and snacking on cupcakes and popcorn. She says: “If I wanted pizza at 2am, I ordered it.”

In 2000 she met DJ Sketty Jackson at a Big Girls’ party – where big women get together to meet men.

“He loved me for my curves,” says Patty, whose BMI is now an alarming 108 – five times the recommended average for women.

The slim 6ft 2 DJ admitted he was turned on by her rolls of flab and purposefully fed her up to satisfy his fantasies.

The slim 6ft 2 DJ admitted he was turned on by her rolls of flab and purposefully fed her up to satisfy his fantasies.

Patty had leapt to 43st when Closer spoke to her in May 2008, as her lover had been feeding her 10,000 calories a day. “He got turned on watching me eat,” explains Patty.

But Patty and Sketty’s relationship ended at the beginning of this year after the couple tried unsuccessfully to have a baby.

“We tried for 12 months,” says Patty. “Sketty really wanted a baby. The doctors urged me to lose weight to help my fertility, but I didn’t want to diet. I was sad, but Sketty had made me big so I blame him.”

But the split hasn’t pushed Patty to diet. Bizarrely, it’s made her even more determined to hit a life-threatening 60st – even though she was warned by doctors last year she may only have a few years left to live.

“I think the doctors are wrong – my family were all big and lived to ripe old ages,” insists Patty, who suffers from diabetes, asthma, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, but naively insists these problems are unconnected to her weight.

Her kids – 25st Suzanne, 20, who is dieting, and average-sized Andy, 23, Scott, 22, and Tim, 13 – beg her to slim down and get healthy, but shockingly she ignores them.

They have to bathe her in a custom-built shower and treat the fungal infection that grows between the folds of her fat – but still she claims they accept her size.

“They’re used to it and I won’t stop eating for them,” says Patty, who’s also paid £300 an hour to “squash” men while wearing a bra and tights.

Disturbingly, Patty is so keen to pile on the pounds, she recently enlisted a group of her “fans” to make sure she gains weight. They are computer programmer Greg, 30 – who she also sleeps with – mechanic Mike, 24, and a designer called Lynn, 26.

“We chatted for two months online – they shared a fantasy of feeding a fat woman – and then I invited them over six months ago to seal the deal. I agreed they could be my feeding harem, though there’s nothing sexual with Mike and Lynn,” Patty explains.

The harem pay Patty £400 a week between them for the privilege of feeding her.

“I’ve gained 6st since they started. The aim is to gain a stone a month,” says Patty.

With the help of her harem, who visit her daily to check what she’s eaten, determined Patty now scoffs around £500 worth of food a week, largely funded by her feeders and online fans who enjoy watching her eat. She spends most of her day eating and rarely goes out – she can’t physically walk more than three metres – but says that suits her.

For breakfast she’ll gorge on a double serving of four fried eggs, bacon, pancakes with butter and syrup, chorizo, beans, six slices of toast and waffles. Lunch includes four super-sized hamburgers with chips, two large pizzas and a whole chocolate cheesecake. Dinner is often a mountain of cheesy tacos, steak and fried chicken.

The morbidly obese mum, also a gran of two, snacks hourly as well. Her treats include half a litre of mayonnaise every day.

“I never feel properly full and within 30 minutes I’m hungry again,” says Patty, who has to have all her clothes custom-made.

Her harem also get pleasure from measuring and rubbing her belly. Once a month Patty and her feeders go to a local truck weighing station for a weigh-in – because she’s too heavy for normal scales.

She says: “I love my life. When I go out I have to travel on a mobility scooter and people stare and laugh, but I’m used to it.

'I know I’ll make 60st and be happy'

She adds: “I’m getting loads of sex. I’m sleeping with three men – Roland, my food slave who I ring to bring me food at night, Greg from the harem, and a fan who visits me from New York every month.

“My favourite position’s doggy style.They adore eating food off me for foreplay and we go wild in my reinforced bed. I had it made specially, as I kept breaking normal beds.”

She adds: “I know I’ll make 60st and be happy. Between my sexy photo shoots, harem feeds, dates and squashing, I figure for a fat woman I lead a very active life. In fact, I burn at least 2,000 calories just having sex!”

Consultant psychologist, Dr Cecilia d’Felice says: “This woman is very sick in body and mind, but this is a way of making herself feel important. She is turning herself into some sort of celebrity and a fetish object. For the feeders this is a huge power kick, but they are disabling her and, ultimately, killing her.”

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