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Mum and daughter strippers: 'Posing naked pays the bills'

Jennifer and Anne Williams are no usual mother-daughter duo. Shockingly the twosome strip together to earn a living

Originally published 11 January 2008;

The thought of your mother catching you naked would make most women cringe. But Anne Williams happily strips in front of her mum, then they pose together for photos.

“Mum looked fantastic. After she’d done a few more shoots, I felt jealous of the attention she was getting and decided to have a go myself.”

[ asset id="56825" class="rightBlock" ] Since January, Jennifer, 50, and Anne, 28, have earned around £8,000 between them with their lewd poses, nicely supplementing their income from their jobs in call centres.

“Mum’s my best friend,” says Anne. “We go clubbing and sunbathe topless together – and now we model naked together too.”

After a fitness regime saw the pair tone up and grow in confidence, Jennifer answered a small ad asking for glamour models of all ages, in December 2007.

“I’d gone from a size 14 to a 12 and felt great. It sounded exciting and looking online I saw even older women doing it – and they had droopier boobs than me!” says Jennifer.

But when she told Anne, her daughter laughed in her face. “I thought: ‘Who’d want to see Mum in the buff?’” says Anne.

But Jennifer went ahead anyway. Her first shoot was at her home in Exeter in January. “I changed into black lingerie, thinking: ‘I’ve got three grown-up kids and I’m getting my boobs out,’” says Jennifer. “But I soon got into the swing of it.”

The photographer gave her £120 and used the pictures on his soft porn website. “Mum looked fantastic,” says Anne, who lives nearby. “After she’d done a few more shoots, I felt jealous of the attention she was getting and decided to have a go myself.”

Jennifer went along to her daughter’s first shoot, and the photographer mentioned they could get a lot more work if they posed together naked.

“Initially, I was disgusted. I didn’t want Mum seeing my girlie bits up close,” says Anne. “But we decided the money would be so useful we should at least give it a try.”

They did their first shoot together later that month. Anne says: “The photographer said we looked uncomfortable. I told him: ‘You would be too if your mum was looking at your bum and boobs!’ After that, we giggled our way through it.”

They’ve now done more than 20 shoots together. The pictures get posted on various sites and the duo have a huge worldwide fan base. Anne says: “We’ve no plans to give up – the extra cash is helping us pay the gas and water bills.”

They feel comfortable stripping together

Jennifer and Anne are both happily single, but get plenty of male attention. “A few photographers have suggested we get more intimate, but we’d never do that. There are limits to a mum and daughter’s closeness!” laughs Anne, who says the pair will touch each other for the camera, but not intimately.

Anne’s dad isn’t on the scene, and doesn’t know about their work. Jennifer’s two sons, John and Philip, from a different relationship, are aware of the situation, but never mention it.

“We haven’t told anyone else,” says Anne. “They might find out about it now, though!

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