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Mum invoices friend for £325 after her daughter's designer shoes are damaged during playdate

Totally fair or absolute madness?

A mum has caused outrage by demanding a fellow parent reimburse her for £325 after her daughter's designer shoes were damaged during a playdate.

Sarah Louise Bryan was furious when she noticed her three-year-old daughter Isabella's Italian boots were damanged when she returned from a playdate at a friend's house.

On seeing the damage, the mum-of-two - who insists that she sent her daughter to the playdate with a spare pair of less-expensive shoes - immediately sent an email to her friend, Nicola Gibbs damnaging that she pay for a new pair of designer Italian shoes by February 1 or face further actions.

Sarah Bryan was not happy when her daughter returned home from her playdate (Credit: Instagram / itssarahbryan)

In the email, Sarah - who is also mum to 13-year-old son Keegan - wrote: "So Isabella has just come home from her playdate with your child and I am disgusted to see her new Italian leather shoes are all scuffed and have a Sharpie Mark on them.

"Below is the bill for these replacing because they can not be fixed these are fine Italian leather! As a designer I do not want my child to look anything less that pristine.

"Bill for a replacement pair of Italian fur booties £325 to be pair by 01/02/2017 before I take this higher.

"Thank you, Sarah"

Sarah's gorgeous daughter Isabella (Credit: Instagram / itssarahbryan)

Sarah, who works as a designer and actress, says her toddler daughter has 60 pairs of shoes, and that it's important that she always looks good as she's a model.

Defending the invoice to The Sun, the 28-year-old said: "Wherever she goes, she goes with a bag of other shoes. Obviously shoes get scuffed on the soles, but these look like they've been worn for a year, not for a few hours."

She went on: "Nicola was in charge and she was looking after my child, so she's responsible for the damage."

The mum-of-two admitted she ships in clothes from a Spanish boutique for her daughter (Credit: Instagram / itssarahbryan)

However her friend Nicola doesn't see it the same way, has refused to pay the bill. She told The Sun: "[Sarah] must have more money than sense if she's going to pay that much for a pair of shoes for her daughter and then complain when they get ruined.

"I'd advise her next time to send her daughter out in wellies or if she wants to dress something up try Toys 'R' Us."

Appearing on ITV's Good Morning Britain, Sarah was she was reduced to tears after Piers Morgan named her "the worst kind of parent".

Do you think it's acceptable for invoice a fellow parent for damanage to clothes caused durin a playdate? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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