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Mum shares hilarious story of estate agent unfazed by her daughters' infatuation - and now his fans are growing!

PurpleBricks estate agent Dan must be employee of the month!

Purplebricks estate agent Dan Stevenson got more than he bargained for when he paid a visit to Lorna Hayward to value her flat.

After viewing the place, Dan discovered he had two admirers in the shape of Lorna’s two daughters, Marnie and Elsie.

The girls not only smothered the loveable visitor with hugs, but Elsie had a less appealing proposition for poor Dan - asking him to ‘wipe her bum’.

Lorna shared the embarrassing story on The Motherload's Facebook page. Credit: Facebook.

Posting to The Motherload Facebook group, Lorna shared the hilarious story with a snap of the trio.

“This is Dan,” she writes. “He just valued our flat.

“I had warned him, that arriving in my only available slot of the day at 5pm was risky. Nevertheless he rocked up.

“In the last hour Dan (who is a complete stranger) has had both my daughters request cuddles, can he hold their hands, if he would watch peppa with them, does he like cheese, if he was staying the night and the finale - Elsie walking out of the toilet announcing she had just done ‘her biggest poo yet - it was a bit spikey though, so please can you wipe my bum’ [sic].”

Dan's story racked up thousands of likes. Credit: Facebook.

Mortified Lorna, who is from Wandsworth, London, then adds, “Poor Dan. Poor poor Dan.

“Gonna just pour meself a pint of wine.”

Fans of the site loved the story and it soon racked up over 2,000 likes, crashing The Motherload’s website and creating the hashtag #FindDan with it.

When the blogger woke up the next day, she didn’t know what had hit her.

Writing on The Motherload, she explained, “I woke up this morning with a MASSIVE hangover.

Soon, the hastag #FindDan had started in an attempt to track him down. Credit: Facebook.

“I hadn’t thought much about posting the photo of Dan – a natural over-sharer of all things personal, so when I picked up my phone and saw possibly 300 notifications I had a slight worry that I might have done something a little silly whilst inebriated last night.

“Nope. It was Dan. He was going viral.”

It’s safe to say they managed to track him down.

The property expert also managed to double his Facebook following after the story broke, and now there’s even talk of him doing a Facebook Live from Lorna’s house for his legions of fans.

What a guy!

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