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Mum's number 1 cookies for her son's first birthday turn out X-rated!

189 number 1 cookies... or 189 tiny penises? You decide...

Preparing for your child’s first birthday is a special time for any parent, and Jen – a mum-of-two from New Jersey – wanted the party to be extra special. She and her husband JT invite 30 – 40 of their closest friends and relatives, and Jen set about making 189 – yes, you read that right! – number 1 cookies.

Unfortunately, the cookies didn’t go quite to plan though…

You see Jen used a vintage cookie cutter which had been in her family for a generation. And over time, the cutter has sort of lost its shape. And that, combined with an extra-wet batch of cookie dough, resulted in nearly 200 unintentionally X-rated cookies for her son’s first birthday!

Obviously, it was Jen’s husband JT who first flagged up that her cookies looked like tiny penises.

In fact, JT found the whole thing so hilarious that he tweeted a picture of the cookies with the caption: ‘My wife made 1 cookies in preparation for my son's 1st birthday party next month. I don't think they look like 1s. ’

And that tweet’s now been retweeted over 35,000 times!

Sorry Jen - they look like penises to us! (Credit: JT/ Jen)

Unsurprisingly Jen – who spend a whopping EIGHT HOURS in the kitchen baking the cookies – doesn’t really see the funny side. She told BuzzFeed: “"I'm refusing to acknowledge it… I still don't see it!"

Sorry Jen, but think we’re gonna have to side with your hubby on this one 🙄

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