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Apparently almost a THIRD of Brits use dating apps while in a relationship!

According to new research, almost a THIRD of Brits in relationships are still on dating apps.

You might want to check your partner's phone... because apparently a whopping one in every three Brits who are in commited relationships are still swiping through dating apps on the sly.

We depressing.

The research, compiled by Slater and Gordon lawyers, surveyed 2,100 adults and found that common reasons for reverting to dating apps included being "bored" (10%), "dwindling sex lives" (9%) and "arguing a lot" (7%).

Sound familiar?!

It also found that 35% of Brits think being on a dating app while in a relationship acts as a form of ‘insurance policy’, and one in ten believed it wasn't cheating unless there was actually physical contact.

And while this news might sound outrageous to some, believe it or not, one in five Brits admitted they "wouldn't mind" their partner using a dating app, claiming it's just part and parcel of modern life.

Would YOU let your partner use a dating app?! (Credit: Getty)

The research also showed that men are over twice as bad as women when it comes to swiping while in a relationship.

Apparently, 46% of men have used apps behind their partner's back, while only 21% of women have done the same.

WATCH: Nearly a third of Brits have used dating apps while in a relationship...

Sarah Jane Lenihan, divorce lawyer at Slater and Gordon, said: “These findings mirror what we have seen during recent divorce proceedings where we have acted for clients.

"Modern technology such as the use of social media and now more recently dating apps, have added yet another potential hurdle for a couple. Having a secret life away from your partner is a temptation which is clearly still dividing opinion.

“Previously these apps wouldn’t have been involved in relationships but within the last two to three years we have seen a steady rise in them appearing during divorce proceedings.”

What do you think? Would YOU use a dating app behind your partner’s back? And what would you do if you found out your partner was using one? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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