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These pictures of a baby meeting Father Christmas for the first time will melt your scroogish heart

A little baby boy meeting Father Christmas for the first time is going viral this morning, as the cute snaps are being shared all over the world.

Ethan Giampapa from Pennsylvania, is just seven months old – and his mum decided she wanted to get some photographs of her son meeting Santa professionally taken. "My husband and I love Christmas and are so excited to celebrate our son's first Christmas so I searched everywhere to find the best photographer," Nicole Giampapa, Ethan's mother, told the Daily Mail.

She captioned the picture: "My son's First Christmas pictures came out better than expected. The magic in his eyes melts my heart."

The seasonal photography shoot was organised by Portraits By S and S, a mother and daughter team who run a photography business in Henryville, Pennsylvania, who were surprised their pictures are being so widely shared.

Nicole explained she's been loving motherhood ever since Ethan was born: "I've wanted to be a mum for as long as I can remember and Ethan is the light of our lives,’ Nicole explained. “He is just the sweetest, happiest baby. He thought Santa was so funny and immediately smiled.”

"We're glad he's making people happy and putting everyone in the Christmas spirit but it's a bit bizarre seeing our baby pop up on some websites we didn't even know existed!"

The comments they are getting on their Facebook page show that the gorgeous pics are helping everyone get into the spirit of Christmas today - and we are all for it!

Laura Maurice Churchill posted: 'My Ethan❤❤ the wonder of Christmas'

Katie Todora said: 'This is the most adorable photo EVER!!! 😃😃😃'

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