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Shock confession: 'I have sex with my brother'

When Rachael Carter met her brother Sean for the first time in 27 years, they shocked their family when they fell in love and set up home together

Rachael Carter always dreamed of setting up home with the love of her life, but at first her family were horrified by her choice of partner – her brother.

“Our relationship is amazing,” says Rachael. “No two people could love each other more.”

Sean adds:

I did question what kind of person I was to fall in love with my sister. I also worried what our friends and family would think.But I told myself I wasn’t hurting anybody, and love is hard to find.

brother and sister

“Our relationship is amazing,” says Rachael. “No two people could love each other more.”

Although neither of them moved out, they started dating other people. “It didn’t work, though,” says Rachael. “Within a month, we got back together.

“It’s been a long and tough time, but both of our mums accept it now. They’ve realised we’re in it for the long haul.”

In December 2005, the couple exchanged rings in a commitment ceremony. “Sean came home one day and produced some gold wedding bands,” says Rachael. “He said: ‘Let’s make things official.’

brother and sister wedding

“We invited our friends and declared how much we loved each other. We didn’t invite our family because we weren’t sure how they’d feel, although now they are quite accepting.”

Sean Carteryoung rachael

The couple have decided not to have children as it could lead to a conviction for incest, but Rachael says she would keep the baby if she were to fall pregnant. She says:

“We would love any child that came along. I don’t worry that it would have deformities – you can’t spend your life thinking: ‘What if?’”

And although their sexual relationship is illegal, the couple are defiant that they’ll never be convicted. Rachael says: “If someone said I was having sex with my brother, I’d say: ‘Prove it.’ We’re just a brother and sister who live together.

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