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No sex, dinner or kisses on texts: These are the tell-tale signs he's 'in the doghouse'

A new poll has revealed the tell-tale signs that men are in the doghouse - and the results are pretty relatable.

The survey of 2,000 women has offered insight into how men can tell that their partners are cross with them, with signs including no kisses at the end of text messages, saying "I'm fine", and locking the bathroom door while showering.

While most women respond in similar ways when they're wound up, the poll also revealed that a whopping six in ten of us find men are usually slow to catch on when they're mad, taking an average of FOUR HOURS to realise when they're in the doghouse.

So, men, if you're reading this, here are the sure fire signs to look out for...

How do YOU show your partner he's annoyed you?! (Credit: Getty Images)

The Onepoll survey revealed that giving short responses when your partner asks about your day is the top indicator that he's in the doghouse, followed by heading off to bed before him.

Not cuddling in bed, avoiding kisses at the end of text messages and generally not being very affectionate are also among the top five indicators that he's ground your gears.

And believe it or not, some women even admit to punishing their partner in more humourous ways, such as by hiding the TV remote or his favourite DVDs, or leaving his beer on the side to get warm.

(We're not taking mental notes of these... honest!)

Nearly one in five women also admit to slamming doors and some will even go as far as avoiding sex altogether.

Not cuddling in bed is a sure fire sign (Credit: Getty Images)

Have you ever changed your phone screen saver so its no longer of your man? Apparently, thats also a sign.

Plus, if you watch a TV series ahead of your partner, there's definitely a bee in your bonnet.

And that's not all. Particularly agitated women even admit to ‘forgetting’ to make their partner’s dinner or lunches and, worse still, order a solo takeaway, while their partner is subjected to whatever's left in the fridge.

We've all shown some of these signs of irritation, but what are the triggers that set us off?

The survey found that men are most likely to find themselves in the doghouse because they are pretending to listen to their partner but watching the TV instead. Sound relatable?

Ever got annoyed when he's pretended to listen to you?! (Credit: Getty Images)

Arriving home later than he's supposed to, slagging off your friends or blanking your text messages are also reasons that us women get ticked off.

Despite the fact they get wound up, 65 per cent of women agree that arguments are all part of a healthy relationship, and three quarters regret being mad in the first place.

What do YOU think? Do these warning signs sound relatable? How do you react when you're feeling annoyed at your other half? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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