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REVEALED: More than half of students resent their "lazy" stereotype for this surprising reason…

Students are reportedly more creative in the kitchen now than ever before

When you think of stereotypes surrounding students you often think; stuck in the library doing assignments, cramming a lot of information for exams and of course drinking a lot of coffee and redbull to stay awake (we've all been there).

However, it's recently come to light that six in ten students or recent graduates resent the stereotype that they're lazy because, well apparently, they're not.

Yup. Shock horror.

Students are now apparently cooking more now than ever. They've waved goodbye to the days of eating takeaway food all day every day and have jumped into the frying pan.

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In a new study, it has been found that students are more creative in the kitchen than they ever have been. According to the survey undertaken by Linda McCartney Foods, students are now eating home cooked meals that they have made from scratch at least five times a week. Compared to previous years, students are more likely to buy ingredients such as olive oil, herbs and fresh fruit and veg and cook delicious meals such as stir-fry and pasta bake.

The research also surprising found that over a third of the students think they're better in the kitchen than their parents!

That sounds like a family debate for another day…

Students are in the kitchen more now than ever before (Credit: Getty Images)

Half of the students who undertook the survey agreed that they've been healthier and have had a more varied diet during their students because they're able to look online to find cheap and easy recipes.

Who said the internet was bad, ey?

Not only that but 50% of the students also admitted that four times a month they attempt to cook something they've never made before – talk about confidence and creativity.

Students are very creative in the kitchen (Credit: Getty Images)

A spokesman for OnePoll, which carried out the survey for Linda McCartney Foods has said: "Many people perceive students to be people who don’t ever cook and rely on nothing by takeaways, fast food and ready meals to get by during their years at university.

"But it seems modern students are becoming more creative and experimental with their food.

"Far from the stereotype, many are now cooking meals from scratch and enjoy coming up with own concoctions in the kitchen."

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