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Shocking survey shows 75% of drivers have forgotten what most road signs mean

Research has shown that a worrying three-quarters of drivers can't remember what all the road signs in the Highway Code mean.

Somewhat surprisingly, most adults didn't know that different shaped road signs all stand for different things - for example, a round sign is to give an order, a triangular sign is a warning and a square sign is to inform.

We know you know. We're just reminding you...

The study, conducted by Accident Advice Helpline, also showed that over 60% of drivers didn't know that a road sign in a blue circle was to signify an order.

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Worryingly, 43% thought that the sign for no motor vehicles meant cars and motorbikes only.

But even more concerning was the fact that a quarter of those surveyed said that they will actively ignore some signs, and over one in 10 said that they ignore speed limits.


It will come as no shock that one in five drivers will be involved in a near-miss, with one in 20 being involved in a road accident because either they or another driver didn't understand a road sign.

Looks like we've got some swotting up to do, ladies and gents...

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