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Shocking images show three-week-old baby's severe chemical reaction from Asda's nappies

Asda have removed their Little Angel nappies due to a baby's severe chemical reaction

Supermarket Asda have removed all Little Angel nappies from their stores after a dad took to Facebook to reveal his three-week-old had a chemical reaction after using the nappies.

Jordan Bartliff, from South Yorkshire, explained on Facebook that his three-week-old son is currently in hospital following the "worst day of his life". He went on to reveal that this isn't the first time he has used Little Angel nappies, in fact his family "swore by the nappies" and he has used them in the past with his other children.

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However, the most recent experience gave his three-week-old son a chemical reaction. On Facebook, Jordan opened up about the moment he discovered his son was left blistered from the nappy.

He explained: "So Saturday yesterday morning has to be the worst day of our lives so far, we opened a fresh pack of newborn little angels to put on the baby, we go to change the nappy an hour later, and these pictures are the results."

Jordan's son suffered a chemical reaction for Little Angel nappies (Credit: Facebook / Jordan Bartliff)

He went on and said: "And NO he's not allergic to them, that's been ruled out. It looks like a chemical reaction as been confirmed by the hospital As he's been wearing the same nappies for 3 weeks prior to this. With no problems whatsoever."

Jordan revealed the hospital confirmed his son did not have an allergic reaction (Credit: Facebook / Jordan Bartliff)

Jordan then went on to reveal his son was born five weeks premature and is now in hospital due to the chemical reaction, he explained: "I don't normally put personal stuff on Facebook but as it's happened to such an innocent little life at 3 weeks old the day it happened who bearing in mind is 5 weeks early, who is now needing oxygen through a machine because of this."

Jordan admitted his family are "heartbroken" at the moment and his lost for words. Although he asked other Facebook users to share the post to bring awareness to other parents.

He added: "I wouldn't want it happening to any other little soul, so please be vigilant and careful with these nappies as it obviously is a bad batch."

The three-week-old little one is now in hospital (Credit: Facebook / Jordan Bartliff)

The Facebook post has been shared over 75,000 times and has almost received over 30,000 comments.

Lots of people have send their wishes to Jordan and his family, with one person writing: "Awww... poor wee lamb. Sending much love to your little one. X"

Someone else said: "This is just horrendous! I too used these with mine without issue for years and also swear by them. I hope your baby gets better soon!!"

A third person added: "Omg! Pampers all the way for my son. Maybe cloth diapers for your baby?"

(Credit: Facebook / Jordan Bartliff)

One more wrote: "If people actually went back to using terry nappies and nappy pins this wouldn't even need to be thought about, convenient is not always good."

Jordan later added on Facebook that Asda have "recalled the newborn nappies" and urged parents to return the product if they bought them and to not use them.

Asda has since recalled all the products from sale and released a statement which says: "Our hearts go out to the Bartliff family and hope their baby son makes a full recovery soon.

"We're in touch with his dad and have collected the nappies so that we can test them along with others in the batch.

"We take our responsibility to parents seriously and as a precaution we have decided to remove our Little Angels newborn nappies from sale until we know why this happened."

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Have you ever experienced something similar with your little one? What nappy brand do you recommend? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


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