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IMPORTANT: Toys R Us recall Oball rattle amid choking fears

Toys R Us have taken the precaution of recalling Oball baby rattles amid choking fears. Here's everything you need to know...

Just today it was revealed that the number of children being injured by nursery equipment has increased by 25%, and now a popular baby rattle has been recalled due to choking fears.

The Oball Rattle - a colourful plastic ball-shaped toy manufactured by the toy brand Kids II which has been making children's toys since 1969 - has been recalled due to choking fears.

The rattle - whic comes in a variety of colours - is aimed at children 0 - 3 months, and is sold by Toys R Us.

Only certain Oball rattles have been recalled (Credit: Kids II)

Warning parent's about the recall on their website, Kids II explained: "The rattle beads may release from the clear bead chambers, posing a choking hazard for small children. The recalled products have three clear plastic disc shaped bead chambers, one of which has five (5) orange beads."

If you think your child's rattle could be a risk, you can contact Kids II here.

However they are keen to flag up that not all Oball rattles are a danger, saying: "Oball Rattle Models 81031 and 81548 sold after January 1, 2016. No other Oball products are affected by this recall."

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