12 people's BRILLIANT advice to their 15-year-old self

Being 15-years-old was a tricky time. Although we huff and tut and tell anyone who will listen, "the only worry we had was double maths and finishing at 3:30, har har har!" when we think long and hard about it over a glass of slimline G&T, it was actually a stressful time.

We mean, being 15 years old was just a mixture of sadness, insecurity and the utter horror of carrying BOTH your food tech ingredients and PE kit in on the same day. Did Miss Bird not realise we could barely do a press up and you were trying to impress James after school?! No she did not!

So here are 12 Twitter user's heart-warningly brilliant advice to their 15-year-old self! Share the love and tag any teens you know in our Facebook post… we sure would have loved to known this ourselves when we were that age!

1) It's important to be yourself

2) You're worth more than you think

3) Friendship is a two-way street

4) Listen to your parents

5) Stop spending all your money on vanilla lattes

6) Spending time alone is actually really great

7) There are plenty more fish in the sea

8) Not everyone is going to like you... and that's okay!

9) You are stronger than you think

10) Don't grow up too fast

11) It's okay to say no!

And finally...

12 'Nothing! A fifteen year old me wouldn't listen!'

Very true! What would your advice be to your 15-year-old self? Let us know on Facebook or tweet us at @closeronline!

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