'Is it ever the woman's fault if she gets raped?': Why victim-blaming comments like this HAVE to stop

'Is it ever a woman's fault if she's raped?' - Here's why Loose Women should never have asked their viewers this question

Loose Women sparked outrage today as the ITV show returned following a summer break - and they chose to debate Chrissie Hynde's recent controversial comments on rape.

The singer recently said she blames herself for being gang-raped by a biker gang when she was 21, insisting her ‘immodest clothing’ and ‘drunken behaviour’ were the reason it happened.

“However you want to look at it, this was all my doing and I take full responsibility,” she said.

And today, shockingly, the Loose Women panel created a POLL ahead of the show, as they prepared to debate Chrissie's shocking statements.

It's absolutely unacceptable.

And, perhaps more importantly, it's damaging to society that such a high profile show would choose to ask a question like this.

When it comes to sexual assault, we need to start talking about it in a way that truly understands the nature of personal accountability.

The Loose Women panel have, time and time again, sparked outrage when speaking about such matters.

Remember when Judy Finnigan attempted to justify Ched Evans’ rape of a young girl, suggesting live on the show that his victim was as much to blame as the disgraced footballer was?

“He has served his time, he’s served two years,” she said.

“The rape - and I am not, please, by any means minimising any kind of rape - but the rape was not violent, he didn’t cause any bodily harm to the person.

“It was unpleasant, in a hotel room I believe, and she had far too much to drink.”

So what if she was drunk?

Rape is not a natural disaster; it doesn’t occur unless someone makes an active decision to sexually assault another human.

And, while we are indeed responsible for our behaviour, we are not responsible for anyone else’s.

Victims don’t cause rape. Rapists do.

Rape is not about sex. Rape is about power, control, and domination.

It’s a fact that the majority of rapes are carried out within the home by husbands, fathers, brothers and uncles. Babies, and little boys and girls get raped, as, more rarely, do girls who become involved in gangs or in riotous nights out with their mates.

Would you blame a victim of a mugging for allowing themselves to be mugged?

Would you blame a victim of arson for allowing themselves to have their home set on fire by a total stranger?

Would you blame a toddler for allowing themselves to be abused by a paedophile?

No, of course you wouldn’t; the person at fault in each and every single one of these cases is the criminal, not the victim.

So stop saying that women shouldn't dress or behave a certain way if they 'don't want to be raped'.

Stop asking if women are to blame for rape.

And stop perpetuating a rape culture.

Because you're better than that.

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