Experts claim children from poor families are more introverted – but do you agree?

A new study has claimed children from richer parents are more likely to be extroverted, meaning they’ll have the potential to earn more than children from poorer backgrounds.

Research compiled by the Universities of Cambridge and Kent found social background has a big impact on how outgoing and ambitious young people are, and that ‘advantaged’ kids would excel in the future.

The study was published by Sir Peter Lampl, chairman of the Sutton Trust, and he said: “Our research shows that there is a clear correlation between social and other skills and earnings.

“We must therefore build the career aspirations of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and foster the more intangible qualities that they need to succeed and which are not taught in the curriculum such as confidence, aspiration, resilience and creativity.”

And Dr Robert de Vries, of Kent University, said: “We know that, in the UK, even more than in many other countries, a privileged upbringing is likely to lead to better grades at school, and a better chance at a successful career.”

The research claimed those from a richer background will do better in the future
But while the research claims schools should be focusing more on children from poorer backgrounds, in order to give them a better chance in life, Closer Online’s Jack White, who comes from a ‘disadvantaged’ background, disagrees.

“As someone who comes from a single parent background, I think it’s wrong to suggest children with poorer parents will lose out to their richer counterparts in the future.

“If anything, growing up with the bare minimum has spurred me on to be successful – and I think it’s the same for many others in that situation.

“Although there’s no denying that having a disadvantaged home can affect school life, with children being bullied for things such as not having the latest trainers, you can’t assume that having wealthy parents will inspire a kid to have ambition and drive.

The author of the study thinks schools should pay more attention to kids from disadvantaged backgrounds
“In fact I think growing up in an environment where they have easy access to everything can have the opposite impact on a child.

“More than a few of the kids I was jealous of in school for always being kitted out in the latest fashion, or flashing the newest mobile phone, now float around from job to job with no real direction while constantly returning to the bank of mum and dad.

“On the other hand I, who rarely got pocket money and lived in hand-me-downs, have a degree and career I love.

“So I think that schools would be wrong so give more attention to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. If anything, they should be working to equip every child in their care for a better future – and singling out the kids whose parents aren’t doctors, lawyers, business owners etc will only make things worse for them.”

Do you think children from poorer backgrounds are more introverted?

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