Is strangers having sex on TV a step too far?

Controversial Channel 4 show Sex Box sparked outrage when two strangers had sex on live TV, and here’s what Dr Pam Spurr and Natalee Harris thought about it

Anna, 40, and David, 32, both signed up to the show in the hope of meeting someone who would “blow their mind” in bed.

They were then sent into a box with shaded-out panels, where they had sex – with an audience sitting just metres away, although they were unable to see the action inside.

Afterwards, the couple discussed the experience, with Anna saying: “We didn’t have a single conversation beforehand. It was like a blind date but without all the faff.”

The show – hosted by Steve Jones and sexologist Goedele Lieken – caused uproar, with viewers taking to Twitter to ask “What has TV come to?”

We spoke to two celebs about the repercussions of having sex on TV…

“It’s an extreme thing to do … it’s pushing the boundaries too far”

Sex and relationship expert Dr Pam Spurr says:

“The concept of two strangers having sex on live TV is a step too far. You might click with someone you meet on a night out and have a one-night stand, but to plan in advance to have sex with someone you’ve never met and go through with it, even if you don’t fancy them, is an extreme thing to do.

“It’s not healthy to detach emotion completely from sex and we don’t know the after-effects this may have had on the couple. It’s one thing if a couple goes on a show to explore their sexual relationship, because there’s an emotional connection and it might enhance their relationship.

“But putting strangers together to have sex in front of an audience is pushing the boundaries too far. Reality stars know what they’re getting into and can decide how far they’ll go on screen, plus they also know each other, so they might not end up with regrets. But people on Sex Box may not realise there could be repercussions after the show.”

“It’s a part of real life and that should be reflected on TV”

Natalee Harris, 27, who appeared in MTV reality show The Valleys, says:

“I had sex on The Valleys with an ex-boyfriend, as well as my current partner. There were cameras in our bedrooms but they never showed anything graphic – we were always under the covers.

“Sex is a normal part of everyday life and I don’t see the harm in people doing it on TV. You see worse things on a night out in Cardiff!

“On a reality TV show like The Valleys, people get to know each other fast and, after a few drinks, end up having sex. I was in a relationship with my co-star, so I didn’t see anything wrong with it and I’m not embarrassed. My only regret is that my friends and family weren’t too pleased about it.

“But I don’t have a problem with strangers sleeping together on Sex Box. If it involves two consenting adults who want to experiment, then what’s wrong with that? I don’t think we should be afraid to talk about sex or see it as something to be ashamed of. It’s a part of real life and that should be reflected on TV.”

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