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7-year-old girl rushed to hospital after her tongue got trapped in a Disney cup

A seven-year-old girl has been rushed to hospital after her tongue became trapped in a Disney cup

A young girl has been left with serious injuries after her tongue became stuck in a Disney cup.

Megan Donald, seven, from near Glasgow, was at Harestanes Primary School when she took a drink from the cup, causing her tongue to suddenly became trapped in the spout in the lid.

The little girl started to panic as she found that she couldn't remove her tongue from the cup, and her mum Natalie was immediately called.

Megan was rushed to hospital when her tongue became trapped (Credit: Natalie Donald)

Hospital staff were forced to use a hacksaw and a drill on the lid when they failed with boltcutters.

Natalie, who was quickly contacted by the school after Megan became distressed and started to panic, described her terror to "When I got there I was quite shocked. When they say, 'Her tongue is stuck', you think it's quite minor but Megan was quite upset."

Megan was assisted by teachers who held the cup for her as the weight of the cup and the suction was causing the little girl a lot of pain.

The aftermath of the cup lid (Credit: Natalie Donald)

Natalie was advised by ambulance staff over the phone to lie Megan down as that would stop the swelling on her tongue. When they arrived, they took the decision to take her to hospital as they didn't have anything available that would cut the lid off.

Natalie said: "It was so scary seeing the boltcutters and hacksaw especially as they were being used so close to her face."

She also explained that boltcutters did not help at all, and that the hacksaw could only do half a job - although it was causing the child more pain as they had to press down.

They swiftly switched to a dentist's drill to remove the other half.

Poor little Megan began to panic when she couldn't remove the cup (Credit: Natalie Donald)

Natalie praised her daughter's school, saying: "The teachers were really good. They kept talking to her, keeping her awake."

Disney have now removed the cup from their shelves, with a spokesperson telling BBC Scotland: "This is undoubtedly an unfortunate incident that we've taken seriously by immediately stopping sales of the mug from our stores and websites and destroying all other existing stock."

We hope little Megan recovers soon!

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