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The 20 things you most appreciate about your partner

It's the little things in life.

2016 is shaping up to be one of the most controversial years we've ever lived through.

We've been through the deaths of far too many well-loved celebrities, such as David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Victoria Wood and Terry Wogan to name but a few; we've endured Brexit (which may be a good or bad thing, depending on your opinion) and now the most unbelievable thing has happened – Donald Trump is actually President of the United States.

To cheer ourselves up, we've been thinking of all the things that we're grateful for in life to remind us that things aren't all doom and gloom. And what could you be more grateful for than your partner in crime, your better half – your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse.

1. Not only do they do the washing up, but they actively offer to do it (sometimes)

Ok, we know this is a bit of a boring one to start with, but how nice is it to be able to relax after a hard day at work, coming home and sorting out your evening meal? It's the little things like washing up/doing the ironing/taking the washing out – they don't just expect you to do it. You're a team.

2. You cannot help but laugh in their presence

Another obvious one but it shouldn't be overlooked. What's a life without laughter? It would be a slightly grey one if the person you spent the most time with couldn't even make you chuckle once in a while. Studies have shown that couples who laugh together will have stronger and longer-lasting relationships – it just makes good sense!

3. They don't mind TOO much when you watch Mean Girls/any Disney film/Eastenders over and over again

Ahh, the age-old power struggle of the television. We wonder when there will be a democracy in the living room. But although you may not always agree on what to watch every single time you turn the TV on, they let you watch your favourite flicks however many times you want without TOO much backchat.

4. You can always rely on them to pick you up after a night out

It's all very well to get a shared taxi or maybe even the bus home after a couple of drinks with the gals, but nothing is safer than getting into the arms of your loved one when you're a bit tiddly. And besides, they probably wouldn't be able to sleep until they knew you were home safe anyway, so really it saves everyone a whole lot of time and worry.

5. They instinctively know immediately when you're upset

There's only one thing worse than trying to pretend you're ok when you're doing your best not to burst into tears – and that's when you can't tell anyone about it. It can be so hard to put into words or pinpoint exactly what's troubling you, but your partner can tell you're not tip top straight away.

6. They instinctively know immediately what to do

It doesn't matter what the cause of your distress is, or how important it may be, your other half can sniff out your sorrow from a mile off and will come running with a fluffy blanket, a bar of Galaxy and a listening ear.

7. They'll never laugh AT you when you do something cringey

It's hard to be perfect all the time. Sometimes you need a day off. On the VERY rare occasion that you slip up and say/do something cringey, your partner would never laugh and point the finger at you – they just turn it into a joke and it's all forgotten in a matter of minutes. Unless you burp at the dinner table in front of their parents. Not that that's ever happened…

8. You're begrudgingly allowed to share their toothbrush when you drop yours in the toilet

Again, when you're having a day off from being a perfect specimen, silly things happen and there's nothing you can do about it. Fortunately, your other half is a big fan of "what's mine is yours", and vice versa of course.

9. You're still super sexy in their eyes even after they've seen you post-curry

Yep – you've had an entire chicken biryani to yourself, plus rice, plus a healthy portion of naan bread, plus a few onion bhajis and maybe a couple of spring rolls. You've had to go and put on your trackie bottoms and you're bloated like that puffer fish from Finding Nemo, but you're still FHM's sexiest female in their eyes.

10. They're ready with the tissues while you sob uncontrollably at the John Lewis Christmas adverts

They get you every year. From Monty the Penguin to that lonely old man on the moon last year, each and every Christmas advert will tug on your heartstrings and get you into a very emotional state. But they're right there with the hankies and a hand to hold. Maybe they're even crying along with you. Maybe you're not crying at all – maybe you're the hanky holder. Either way, we're now blubbing at the memory of that snowman trekking through terrible weather to get the snowlady a pair of lovely gloves. Oh heck.

11. You're never alone – they're always by your side through thick and thin

We know this is a cringey one and we're sorry to inflict that on you, but it's so important to feel supported and times can be hard if you feel alone – but if you're part of a pair then you'll feel safe in the knowledge that there's always someone out there who's got your back.

12. They abide your Strictly Come Dancing obsession

Even though your bae may hate Anton Du Beke, they respect your decision to vote for him on Strictly every week without fail. They may grumble – but they don't immediately change the channel because they know how much you love it.

13. Being serious doesn't come naturally to them

And that's one of the things you love most about them. Life isn't for taking yourself too seriously – and your other half can be just as goofy as you, if not more so! You'll quite often find yourself catching each other's eyes and pulling a silly face, and you'll both end up cracking up.

14. They go out of their way to make an effort with your friends and family

Even you can admit that your mum can be slightly too much at times, your dad can be a grumpy so and so when he's not in the right mood – but it doesn't phase your other half. It can be so hard to be super nice and friendly AND funny all at the same time, but they nail it almost every time.

15. Sitting in slobby clothes watching films with you is MUCH preferred to going out with pals

You love spending time with each other so much that even if they're offered a spontaneous night out with their pals, they'll sack it off to snuggle up with you on the sofa in front of Emmerdale. N'aww.

16. They're not afraid to hug you after you're all sweaty from the gym

Not even your MUM who loves you to the ends of the earth would come NEAR you after an hour of spin class. But when you get home, there's a freshly run bath, a hot meal in the oven and a big ole bear hug waiting for you. It's the little things!

17. They make a real effort to get enthusiastic about things that you're passionate about

Ok, so your obsession with collecting postcards from every holiday you've ever been on is just not for everyone – but they really try to get on board with it. They even help you by pointing out the most beautiful/obscene postcards they can find. So, it's not something they'll be taking on as their own hobby – but they get involved because they know how much it means to you, even if they can't understand it themselves.

18. If you're parents, they aren't above changing a nappy

It's something that ALL parents have to do. It's not one person's job – come on guys, it's you together against the world! (Even nappies...) But you don't have to even ask your other half, because they've already done it. What a babe.

19. They give you a lie in when the kids are up at five am

This is one that proves the truest of love. Even when you've both polished off a bottle of wine the night before and they're as hungover as you are, you both make sure you take it in turns to let the other have a bit of a longer snooze in the morning. Five in the morning is not a sociable hour to be up if it can be avoided!

20. They tell you they love you whatever size you are, and mean it!

It can be so easy to say something that you know another person wants to hear and not mean it, but your love would never do that. Every time they tell you they love you, and every time they compliment you on your gorgeous body, you know that they 100% mean it.

Aww, now don't you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

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