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Baby girl left with huge scar after surgeon sliced her head during caesarean

Baby Karmen McPhee was left with a facial scar after a surgeon sliced her head open whilst performing a caesarean section on her mother Emma

A baby has been left with a scar on her face after a surgeon accidentally sliced open her head whilst performing a caesarean section on her mother.

Baby Karmen McPhee, now aged one, was slashed by a surgeon's knife during the procedure, who then claimed that she did not know Ms Edwards was in labour - despite medical records showing she had.

Emma Edwards' baby Karmen was left with a scar on her head (Credit: SWNS)

Emma Edwards was booked in for a caesarean section on Thursday 16 June last year as her baby was so big, but waited all day to be seen before being told to go home as staff were too busy.

However, her waters broke at 3am on the Sunday, so she rushed to hospital to give birth to her baby girl.

But as soon as her baby, Karmen, was born, hospital staff rushed her to the special care baby unit, telling Emma that her head had been cut.

Baby Karmen had to have surgery to sew up the wound (Credit: SWNS)

The only information Emma received at this point was from the surgeon, who told Emma that she had not been informed that Emma was in labour or that her waters had broken - even though medical records showed that she had known.

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To make matters worse, Karmen's cut was not stitched up until the next day, as the hospital had to wait for a plastic surgeon to arrive.

Even though there has been an internal investigation into the shocking incident, with changes being made to the way things are done, the family are yet to receive an apology.

The family had to wait a day before a plastic surgeon could arrive (Credit: SWNS)

Emma described her daughter's birth as "disaster from the start to the end".

She fumed that they have barely heard from those in charge, saying: "I've not heard anything from them. They are not really admitting much.

"At no point have they communicated anything with me during their investigation. I don't feel like it should be up to me to get in touch with them."

A spokesperson for the health board said: "NHS Highland has conducted an internal investigation into this case.

"We now provide patient information leaflets on risk associated with caesarian section and complete a full consent form to highlight all possible risks."

The surgeon claimed she did not know Emma was in labour (Credit: SWNS)

But this isn't enough for Emma's father, Robert Edwards.

Mr Edwards said: "We're totally disgusted about all of this. Nothing has been done about it and they have never got in touch with us.

"They managed to release a statement to the press but haven't got in touch with us in the days since."

The 62-year-old went on to reveal that the family were considering suing the NHS.

Mr Edwards said: "We're thinking about going to the solicitor because, with all the changes they've announced, they seem to be admitting they're in the wrong."

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