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Cancer scam woman hits back: 'I don’t need forgiveness’

An Australian woman who founded a business on the story she had cancer has admitted it was all a lie, in an explosive interview with Women’s Weekly.

‘None of it is true’ Belle Gibson told the Aussie mag, adding that she doesn’t want forgiveness, just for people to know the truth.

‘I just think (it) was the responsible thing to do. Above anything, I would like people to say, ‘Okay, she’s human.’

Belle admits she lied about her diagnosis
The wellness blogger built a career on a ‘whole foods’ lifestyle, that she claimed was prolonging her life while she battled cancer.

Belle claimed to have self-treated brain, blood, spleen, uterus and liver cancers through diet, exercise, and the whole food lifestyle.

Becoming a prominent social media personality, thousands bought into her claims and she even had a recipe book published by penguin.

But everything started to fall apart in March, when friends and business associates started to question the veracity of Gibson’s diagnosis.

After being found out, fans have reacted with anger, some even publishing details of Gibson’s son’s nursery.

The Whole Pantry, which Belle created, states on the site: ‘Here at TWP we believe in living your whole life, so we created the world’s first health, wellness and lifestyle app with a vision to restore the balance and empower the whole pantry community to live their whole life.’

‘Filled with a continually updating library of resources, empowering information, lifestyle guides and simple, yet beautiful nourishing recipes.’

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