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Glamour model Danielle Mason: 'I’ve had a Big Fat Gypsy break up'

Danielle desperately wanted her two children, Rudy, five, and Delilah, three, to be part of one big happy family.

But four months ago Danielle Mason realised that her health was suffering by living with her fiancé, cage fighter and star of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Tony Giles, 32, and she's ended their relationship – for good.

Danielle – whose half-sister is Eastenders actress Jessie Wallace – is now trying to piece her life back together as a single mum by stepping up her modelling work and going to the gym.

Former public school girl, Danielle, 33, who lives in Bracknell, breaks down in tears as she explains: "I couldn't make it work, at the end of the day I'm a gorger (non-traveller) and he's a traveller and our lifestyles and expectations were too different.

"He wanted me to stay at home and look after the house like other traveller women – but that's not me. I had to really cut down on work as it caused rows and he hated me going out with my friends.

"I ended up feeling that I didn't belong anywhere.

"His moods were very erratic too and I suspect he was seeing another woman – one certainly got in touch telling me she was seeing him.

"Trying to keep him happy made me ill – I had terrible panic attacks and anxiety.

"I was having a couple of attacks a day and had to go to my doctor, now I'm on anti depressants. I can't cope with all the drama – I just want to work and look after my children."

Read the rest of the story in Closer Magazine, out today.

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