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Woman branded 'scum mum' after ditching her children for 15 MONTHS

A woman has been branded a 'scum mum' after admitting she has not seen her children for 15 months.

The Jeremy Kyle Show guest Kirsty confessed that she simply didn’t make the effort to arrange to see her kids after her ex Brian won custody of them.

She does have visitation rights but Brian’s new partner Emily told how Kirsty has “not bothered turning up”.

Emily claims she has taken on the role of mother for the children but a furious Kirsty insisted she should be the only person her offspring call mum.

The audience gasped when Kirsty told presenter Jeremy Kyle she had not seen her children for 15 months, prompting him to exclaim: “How can you not know where your own kids sleep at night, love? Because you’re not bothered.”

When Emily asked Kirsty to be there for her children with her ex Brian, she continued to criticise her former partner’s new girlfriend.

Emily told Kirsty: “You gave birth to them but it takes a lot more than that to have the title of mother.”

However, Kirsty hit back: “I told her to shut her mouth or I’ll smack her in it.”

Viewers were just as shocked as the studio audience, with one writing on Twitter: “I can barely go 15 hours without seeing my daughter let alone 15 months!!! #Scum #YouAreNotAMother #JeremyKyle.”

Another wrote: “I’d have to have been on the moon for me to have not seen my kids for 15 mths #JeremyKyle.”

Kirsty eventually stormed off the stage in tears, admitting to Jeremy backstage: “I’m a useless mum there you go.”

The host attempted to calm the situation by telling Kirsty not to be so hard on herself and encouraged her to make contact with her ex and Emily so she could see her children.

The Jeremy Kyle Show continues on Friday on ITV1 at 9.25am.

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